Sunday, 27 February 2011

It's the BOM!

Here's a pic of my progress on the Amitie BOM, the Circle Game, so far.  I started off machine piecing it then moved to hand piecing because some of those curves just work better hand pieced.  But I'm now at the sad and sorry point of having to re-design the blocks for this month because my right arm has gone on strike.  It did the exact same thing two years ago and I need to get back to the physio and get it sorted.  In the meantime, no hand pieced curves for me :-(

Amitie BOM so far

And the winner of the Sherbet Pips layer cake giveaway is...

Mr Random Number Generator chose comment 181... Wandafish, who said: "I've been following your every move for months! You're a very talented lady and I love your blog."  I am so sorry for everyone else who did not win, as lame as that sounds.  Thank you all so much for entering the giveaway and for supporting me on my first Moda Bake shop project.

I have another giveaway for you in the pipeline so keep your eye on the blog over the next few days for news of that.  

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Blocks blocks blocks

Firstly, thank you all for stopping by and advising on the colour scheme for the Ruby Star Rising quilt.  Carla and I took all your advice into consideration and she has decided on coral (red) as that is her favourite colour so this is going to POP.  And don't forget to come back here tomorrow and see who Mr Random Number Generator picks to win the Sherbet Pips layer cake - the gold dust of the modern quilting community.  If you haven't entered to win that bounty, go here now!

And onto a few bee blocks.  Kathy Mack sent us a very generous pack of gorgeous fabrics from her fabric shop, Pink Chalk fabrics and asked for anything we wanted at all to depict "Happy Sewing".  These blocks will go into a quilt to go on a wall in what sounds like it's going to be a workshop studio.  So I made a kind of double block cartoony flower.

"Happy Sewing"

I showed you the spring block I made for Lucinda but just needed to decide how to finish it off.  After taking your advice, I finished it off with a straight stitch close to the edge of each piece of glass in a pale butterscotch colour which kind of melts into each of the colours.  I photographed is taped to the window so that the stitches show.

Block finished

And finally I had a go at Marjorie's back basting needle turn applique and loved it - thank you so much Marjorie for taking the time to show us how you do it.  I've tried hand applique before and just couldn't get the hang of it at all but Marjorie's method just seemed to click with me.  I just did a simple heart because my right hand seems to be really creaky at the moment (no idea why) and it's hurting me to do much handwork.  But anyway, here is a pretty back-basting needle-turned Bliss heart on Kona charcoal.

Learning back-basting needle turn applique

Thursday, 24 February 2011

What do you think?

So I'm starting the Ruby Star Rising quilt I'm making for my sister's friend and have just done a few trial blocks to get started.  The idea for the quilt is to look like one of those walls in a kind of artsy Woody Allen New York apartment which is covered in pictures of all shapes and sizes.  So I've made a few "pictures" and am auditioning them against a few of the solids I've bought for the quilt: ash, candy green, coral, amber, dusty peach and cyan.  Should I go with one of these or something else?  When the quilt is made, the pictures will be closer together so the background bits will be thinner.

Which background?

Still choosing but, after discussed with my sister's friend, we are narrowed down to ash, candy green and coral and here they are pictured with the charcoal and the full array of the fabrics.

Choosing between ash, coral and candy green

My first quilt

Following on from my post yesterday about my quiltaversary, Sheila from Blue Patch Quilter has written a post about her first quilt with a link for us all to add a link to our first quilt.  So I'm going to go over there and link to my first quilt and I'd love it if more of you did the same so we can all see where we came from.  And, because I hate a blogpost without a picture, here is my second quilt, made with an Authentic layer cake and based on Amanda Jean's stacked coins quilts on Moda Bake Shop.

Coins Quilt 3

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Treasure Bay Fabrics

Firstly a big thank you to Heather and Megan over on Quiltstory who had a block competition a couple of weeks ago where my orange spiral block won me a gift voucher for Treasure Bay Fabrics.  Run by Melissa, a red headed stay at home mum and avid crafter, her shop features an eclectic variety of fun, whimsical and modern designer cotton prints from FreeSpirit, Robert Kaufman, Michael Miller, Kokka, Andover, Timeless Treasures, Alexander Henry and many more.

Go here for Melissa's Etsy shop, here for her Facebook page and here for her blog.  Her goals for this year are to increase turnover to make the shop more able to compete with the big retailers and possibly even to expand into a bricks and mortar shop.  New in are some Hokkoh fabrics from Lecien as well as some Hello Kitty fabrics and Melissa makes up some lovely fabric bundles with these.  

The bundle I chose was this beautiful Innocent Crush half yard selection.  Thank you so much, Melissa.  It arrived yesterday and the fabrics are more gorgeous in real life than in pictures - I will let you know what I make with it!

And thank you to each and every one of you who took the time to stop by yesterday and wish me a happy quiltaversary and make me laugh and smile at your comments - my kids are off school this week so, if I don't thank each of you individually, I apologise - but four kids sometimes won't leave you in the kind of peace you need as a quilter and quiltblogger!

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

It's my quiltaversary

My name is Lynne and I make quilts.  Obsessively.  I can say that out loud now but it's taken me a long time to come out of the quilting closet and I'm not "out" to everyone.  Some people think it's dorky.  Some people laugh at me.  Some people try to persuade me that making other patchwork items might be a better alternative, like patchwork waistcoats.

But anyway, today it's one whole year since the very day when I walked nervously into a local quilt shop, bought a rotary cutter, cutting mat, a jelly roll and a bit of yardage.  I exited that shop feeling guilty and excited.  I came home and dusted off the ancient sewing machine I bought with the £100 left to me when Grandpa McLaren died 30 years or so ago.  And I made a quilt.  It was a Moda Bake Shop design by Natalia Bonner, called "I'm Blushing" made with a Blush jelly roll.  The LQS didn't have the Blush jelly roll but they did have a Farmer's Market jelly roll so my version is called: "I'm Farming".  For a few weeks and months, my long suffering Welsh husband would exclaim several times a day "You're obsessed", sometimes more than once in an hour.  After a whole year I think he's accepted that I'm obsessed.  So anyhow, happy quiltaversary to me.

Monday, 21 February 2011

These are a few of my favourite things...

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens - ooh sorry, for a moment there I forgot myself and thought I was sister Maria.  So, in part three of you sharing your favourite things with me and other readers of this blog, I thought we'd share "stuff".  By "stuff", I mean anything that's not a full sized quilt so that includes mini quilts, potholders, table runners, pincushions, aprons, bags, pillows, pouches, purses, wall hangings etc etc.  I'm going to share my three favourites so please feel free to link to your three favourites (or fewer if you prefer).  And, in case anyone has a numpty moment when linking, I have now worked out how to edit or delete the links so just drop me a line and I can fix any numptyisms.  To link, you need to go to the bottom of this post.

Firstly, this is a pincushion I made for my younger sister who lives in London and prefers to stick to two colours in any colour scheme, be it what's she's wearing, decorations on the Christmas tree, a set of mugs etc.  So I knew Kaffe Fassett would be out of the question.  But Tufted Tweets would be perfect.

Xmas present for my sister

When Julia from Little Girl Quilts offered to make my blog over and design me a new blog header, button and icon, I wanted to make her a little thank you.  I knew she liked my union jacks (longer time readers of the blog will know I had a whole union jack obsession which went on for some months...!) and that she loved Sherbet Pips so a Sherbet Pips union jack mug rug seemed to fit the bill.

Mug rug for a friend

I think my third favourite would probably be my tryptich of doll quilts made in the first round of the doll quilt swap.  I made them for Mandy (Mandalin) and put minis of two of her favourite quilts and one quilt she'd made hanging from the trees on the front:

My DQS9 on Mandalin's washing line!

And some Kokeshi dolls (a favourite of Mandy) having a completely pointless conversation on the back (if you're curious to know rubbish they were saying, click through to the Flickr photo!

Back of DQS

So please add your links here to "stuff" you've made.  I've loved getting new inspiration from your favourite quilts and quilt blocks.

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Trying a new technique

Before I start this post, Marjorie has today written the second of her posts on back-basting needle turn applique and the link is here if you want to learn along with me.

When I saw this stunning quilt in the doll quilt swap over on Flickr, I bought the book and decided to give the technique a try.  Lucinda had asked for a block representing "spring" in one of the bees I'm in, Ringo Pie.  I found a picture on line of a daffodil head, started from there and drew a daffodil complete with stalk and leaves and then added in broken bits to give the impression of a stained glass window.

Spring Ringo Pie block for Lucinda

Once I had the drawing on paper, I re-drew it so that each line was approximately 1/4" wide.  I then traced each shape onto Steam-a-seam and fused each piece of fabric onto a 10" square of  Kona charcoal.  I need to decide how to finish the block now.  My options are (i) straight line or blanket stitching in invisible thread; (ii) the same in yellow, green and grey thread; (ii) the same in charcoal thread.  And thoughts anyone?  

And can I just make one suggestion to any of you who comment on blogs but wonder why you never get any replies to your comments.  I reply to (almost) all comments although I don't try to keep up with comments on a giveaway.  But I have noticed, particularly in the last few weeks, more and more comments that I can't reply to because there is no linked email account.  These come up on my screen as "no reply comment blogger".  So, if you have a blogger account and would like to receive replies to your comments on blogger blogs, you need to edit your profile and here is how you do it:
1. Click "Design" in the top right hand corner of your blog.
2, Click "Dashboard" in the top right hand corner of the screen.
3. Click "Edit Profile"which is next to your icon.
4. In the "privacy" section, make sure that you have ticked the box marked "show my email address".
5. In the "Identity" section, make sure you have your email address listed there.  If you are concerned about privacy, you can always create a new email address just for blogging.
6. Click "save profile" at the bottom of the screen and hopefully you will start getting replies to some of your comments.

Saturday, 19 February 2011

And onto something new

Time for a new quilt.  This one is going to be for a friend of my sister's.  When she asked whether I would make a commission quilt, I was a bit nervous.  Would she micro-manage?  Would she expect it to cost £20?  Would she want something I wouldn't want to make.  So I kind of tiptoed at first and made a couple of cautious suggestions to see how she would react.  First I emailed her a link to Ruby Star Rising to see whether she might be tempted by that line.  And she was.  Kerching!

Quilt for Carla

Then I emailed her this picture of Tracey Jay's wonderful French General quilt which I had been drooling over and suggested I make the quilt something along these lines.  And she said yes.  Kerching!

Completed Rouenneries

I then needed to work out what colour to use for sashing.  After some auditioning with my Kona colour card, I ended up with this palette.  The main sashing will be in charcoal with skinny strips of amber, coral, candy green, dusty peach and ash framing each square or rectangle of fabric.  I have to say that the colours look much prettier on the card than in this mosaic but she was happy with them.  Triple Kerching.  And by the way, I don't mean money, kerching, I mean, I am going to enjoy making this quilt, kerching. 

My creation

And thank you all for adding links to your quilts and blocks, it's been fun hopping around and seeing who made what, visiting some new blogs and flickrstreams and finding some new inspiration and I know some of you have been doing the same too and sharing the lurve.  Sorry if I called some of you numpties - by the time we got to the second round of links, there were no numpties - this is now a numpty free blog.  For the time being anyway.

Friday, 18 February 2011

Knowing me, Knowing You, Uh Huh

In the second of my posts where you let me know what are the favourite things you've made, I'd like to move into quilt blocks.  So please add links to the favourite quilt blocks you've made at the end of the post.

Now, can I just say that a lot of you may be great quilters but there are a few numpties out there.  Now I don't mean quilting numpties, I mean computer numpties.  A few of you linked to your blog but not the post with the quilt in - so make sure, if you provide a link, the name of the post and not your your blog name is in your browser, copy and paste that into the linky!  Or the name of the flickr page if you're linking to a pic on flickr.  There was one double numpty who linked their picture back to my blog.  I won't humiliate her by telling you who it was but I can say it gave us both a good chuckle!

For my favourite quilt blocks that I have made, I will shamelessly copy and paste a post I did a week ago for a quilt block competition so, if you've read it before, just skip right over it.  And, once again, I'd love to see your favourite blocks in today's linky at the bottom of the page.

I made this block for Krista lolablueocean who asked for any kind of circle block at all and sent some wonderful, whimsical fabrics which lent themselves to a whimsical, dreamy, circle.  The challenge for me on this block was making a dream spiral for sleeping beauty to sleep inside which I achieved with a 3/4" bias strip, ironed in half, sewn on with a 3/8" seam, folded over and then hand sewn down.

Positively my very last bee block for 2010

Amber (One Shabby Chick) asked for a modern block for the quilt she was making for her uber cool musician sister in law, Hope and we were given total free rein to make pretty much anything modern at all.  The idea for this block is of course just a simple wonky nine patch with framed centres.  For some reason, I made an enormous palaver of making it, probably because I was in a rush as I was going on holiday the next day and, had I just taken a deep breath, I would have made it in half the time.  Hindsight.  Not much use once the block is made really.

Amber's Block 1

Karrie Lynn of Freckled Whimsy asked us for a block made of half square triangles and I, intrigued that I had only ever seen single circles of flying geese, wanted to design and make a double circle.  Imagine my frustration when the block came out 1/4" shy of the required 16 1/2" requested by KarrieLynn - ah well, we can always add a skinny little layer of sashing to make a block grow to the requested size, albeit through gritted teeth.  

KL's HST block

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Want to learn applique the easy way?

If like me you have struggled to get to grips with applique, help is at hand.  Marjorie, Applique Addict, who is a long time friend of this blog and who always makes me laugh has very kindly agreed to let us in on her secrets.  Her post is fun, funny and very informative and readable (click here to link to the post).  This is my favourite of her quilts and you can see more of her quilts in this link:

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

We love the Nellies

Well finally in amongst the twenty trillion giveaways I've entered, I was chosen by Mr Random Generator and won a prize to cherish.  Firstly because it came from the blog of mother and daughter quilting and blogging team, Yvonne and Reene, Nellies Niceties who are two British quilting and crafting blogland friends who make me laugh with their constant comedy banter.  And secondly, because, as much as we all drool over the fabric bundles that can be won on the internet, there is something very special about winning a hand made pillow and a pack of Liberty charms which were hand cut and picked (and Liberty...).  Here is the pillow which the cats and the kids have been fighting over.  It is my first ever handmade pillow, made by a friend and I confess I really, really love it.  The brown dot is my favorite Kaffe fabric and the pillow is soft and cost with beautiful pebble quilting and matches my sofa and cat!

My winnings

And just take a look at these Liberty charms.  I am going to pair these up with a Kona charm pack and some Kona white to make some kind of postage stamp type quilt.  Up until now, I have never had any Liberty fabrics (other than a Liberty bridesmaids dress when I was little which I will show you when I can find the photo in amongst the boxes that are still waiting to be unpacked since we moved house three years ago) so this is a very special prize for me.

My winnings

Thank you Yvonne and Reene for making my day with these wonderful prizes.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Knowing Me, Knowing You

When I had two followers and one was my neighbour and the other my sister, I felt like I could say I knew my followers but that has changed over the past few months and there are a lot of you I'd really like to get to know if you have the time.  So I've got some posts to try to achieve that.  Today's is "My Favourite Quilt".  I'm going to show you my three favourite quilts (that I made) and, if you have a minute, I would love you to show me yours (ooh that sounds rude).  New followers, old followers, big followers, small followers.  Just link to a new or old blog post with your quilt in (or a flickr photo - I'm saying that and don't even know if that will work).

Penguin Books Quilt

Penguin Books Quilt finished

I made this for my older sister who was moving from Paris to Grenoble and wanted a quilt for the new place.  I love it because we grew up in a house of Penguin Books and I love the simplicity of the book covers.  I used a Kona solids jelly roll and Kona stone yardage and printed the book titles, the logos and the book heading onto the Kona stone using the method described in this post.  I used some classic book titles, some of my sister's favourites, a couple of invented titles of family jokes and a few funny titles of geniune books, like "Knitted Historical Figures" and "How to Catch a Cannonball".  And I love it because she loves it too.  And, a propos of nothing, she emailed me this morning to say she'd just realised that the pattern on the back is a line of books!  Bless.

Kaffe Fassett Diagonal Madness

Kaffe Fassett Diagonal Madness

This quilt was made last year for my Mum from a Kaffe Fassett pattern and kit.  Whilst I normally prefer to work from inside my head than from kits or patterns, I would make an exception for Kaffe Fassett quilts; I could never put together all those crazy patterns and colours and make them look as fabulous as this quilt looks.  Kaffe Fassett fabrics and quilts are not to everyone's tastes but I think his use of colour and pattern are genius.  My mum is not one to gush although I know she loves this quilt but I knew for certain when she said she didn't want to take it up to the north of England to show it to her mother in case someone stole it out of the car when they were parked at a service station.  I love the idea of a hooded gunman strolling round the car park ignoring the satnavs, the laptops and the ipads and breaking into a car for a brightly coloured quilt.  Alternatively the idea of a lady of a certain age, possibly wearing a patchwork waistcoat (although shoot me if I ever do) turning to crime one day upon spying a brightly coloured quilt in the back of a car parked at a service station.

Hexagon Park

Hexagon Park

And of course this is my other favourite quilt for a lot of reasons.  Firstly because I English paper pieced hexagons when I was little and, lovely as they are, they are slow and I can't see myself making a whole quilt of them any time soon so I kind of had this idea in my head of big, modern hexagons.  I also don't like fussing about with templates so I wanted to just be able to cut them from my cutting mat.  Then, when those first few glimpses of Sherbet Pips started appearing here and there and from a British designer and quilter to boot, I knew I had my plan.  

And I love this photo of the quilt top because it was Christmas Eve (possibly my favourite day of the year) and snowy, one of my sons was taking out the bins in his cool new hoody shirt and, not in this shot, my husband was looking down from the bathroom, about the jump into the bath, pulling funny faces and posing nude for comedy effect (don't worry, I have no pics of that vision to show you, it's not that kind of blog).

So, over to you, if you have a minute, click on the linky and give me a link to your favourite quilt - and the other readers of this blog can blog hop a bit too and find some new inspiration as well as this giving me a chance to get to know you.  Sheesh, the linky doesn't appear in preview so I'm going to have to click "publish post" and hope it appears then...

Monday, 14 February 2011

Thank you thank you thank you

Thank you all so much for the warm, kind and generous response to my first ever Moda Bake Shop quilt.  I had this weird feeling it was going to post and there would be just the one comment and it would be from my Mum (who has still yet to comment...).  I also had a dream the night before the post that I got a job working at Moda and they decided not to post the quilt because it wasn't good enough - not that I'm a worrier or anything.  But no, you all left me lovely comments over there and it gave me a warm fuzzy feeling to see comments from my blog and flickrland friends and to "meet" some new people there and over here too.  And, now that it's been aired over at MBS, I feel its my turn to air it here.  I love this photo of the quilt although, blimey it was cold that morning as I slung bits of washing line over trees to take it.

Hexagon Park for Moda Bake Shop

And now I can proudly wear my new badge - which you see is currently right at the very top of my sidebar - I feel like I'm in the Brownies and I've got my "sewing a quilt" badge and I've attached it right at the top of my sleeve.

Oh and by the way, I will just mention that the quilt is featured on Moda Bake Shop in this post and the Sherbet Pips layer cake giveaway is here in this post.  

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Moda Bake Shop and a Giveaway

If you have a minute, I would really appreciate it if you would hop over to Moda Bake Shop because my first Moda Bake Shop project is on the blog there today.  And if you have a moment to leave an extravagantly generous comment, that would be wonderful.  Don't worry if you don't like the quilt, you can just tell a little white lie.  I won't know the difference.

Sneak Peek of my first Moda Bake Shop quilt

And if you're here for the Sherbet Pips Layer Cake giveaway, here's what you have to do:
1. Leave a comment on this post - anything at all.
2. Leave an additional comment if you are a follower (and that includes if you click to follow right now!).
3. Leave a third comment if you blog about this giveaway.
4. And leave a fourth comment if you are entitled to a "Bonus Comment" - you know who you are and I know who you are - just write "Bonus Comment"
Each comment gives you a chance to win the booty.  The giveaway will close two weeks after it opens, on Sunday 27 February in the morning UK time (so the previous day for the US).  Good Luck, mes amis!

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Want to number your comments?

Firstly don't forget to come back tomorrow for a chance to win this layer cake and to also go to Moda Bake Shop tomorrow for a peek at what it's sitting on:
Moda Bake Shop quilt and giveaway tomorrow

Want a dead simple way to number your comments?  Very useful if you're thinking of having a giveaway.  Here's what you do.  One of my very best quiltlblogflickrland mates and a very talented quilter, Krista Poppyprint, sent me this link a couple of weeks ago and I thought I'd share it with you.  

Click on "design".
Click on "add a gadget" 
Choose "HTML/Javascript". 
Copy and paste the code given in the first response on this page to into the "content" section of the gadget.  
Click "save".  
Move your gadget down to the bottom of your sidebar, out of the way.  
Go on.  
Give it a go.  
It really works.  
Your comments will really and geniusly (made up word) be numbered.

And finally, I'm still playing around with font colour and style to try to find something that is cute looking but still legible so keep letting me know if you like (and can read) what you see on the blog!

Friday, 11 February 2011

Fixing a scant seam

Well with only two days to go until my Moda Bake Shop debut and Sherbet Pips layer cake giveaway (which I have in fairness only mentioned about eleventy six times), I need something to pass the time and what better than a little tutorial on how to reinforce a dangerously scant seam.  Oooh and before I do that, how about a sneak peek at the Moda Bake Shop quilt - here it is all rolled up sitting patiently on the windowsill for its glorious moment in the spotlight.  And yes, as well as being my debut on Moda Bake Shop (have I mentioned that?), it will also be Sherbet Pips' debut on Moda Bake Shop.  It's a double whammy.

Sneak Peek

Here's how I fix a scant seam or two (as I had a couple of horribly scant seams on the triple framed pinwheel I made in this post).  Cut a strip of fusible interfacing about 1/2" wide and the length of your scant seam.  Iron it so it sits right on top of the seam on the wrong side.


Now flip to the right side and sew a run of tiny stitches (I set my machine to "1" length) along the edge of the seam - about a thread or two away from the seam on each side in threads as close to the colours of the fabrics as possible. These lines of stitches are almost invisible partly because they are the same colour as the fabric and partly because they are so small.  And VOILA, your dodgy scant seam is reinforced.


And, by the way, has anyone had any problems reading the blog in the new font - I've had one person saying it's harder to read in this font and I wonder if that's just one person or affecting a lot of you?

Thursday, 10 February 2011

How to print a label

So, with now only three days until my Moda Bake Shop debut and Sherbet Pips Layer Cake giveaway (oops, did I reveal what I'm giving away...), I need to distract myself again and what better way to do that than by telling you how to print your DQS (or other) label.  And here is the label I have just added to my DQS.

Now, there are two ways of doing this.  For my DQS which is unlikely to be washed and washed and washed, I printed the quick, easy, lazy way.  For my sister's Penguin Books quilt, I printed the longer, slower way as the ink will have to withstand regular washing.  That method is explained in this post.

Oooh I forgot to show you my quilt all quilted - thank you for the many and varied quilting suggestions. I have gone with a kind of melange (pretentious, moi?) of a few of the suggestions and stitched random parallel lines in black, grey, pink, aqua and deep red.  It has given the quilt a lovely, heavy, leathery texture and I am now happy.  And it's all about me.
It's quilted, I'm done, I'm happy

For the quicker, easier printing on fabric method, iron a piece of fabric to a sheet of freezer paper so that the fabric overhangs the paper slightly all round.  Trim the excess fabric to fit the sheet of freezer paper.  Design a label on your computer, run the freezer paper with fabric attached through your printer (printing on a high quality setting will made the ink darker on the fabric) and VOILA, printed fabric.  I "set" the printing by holding a hot iron on the dried ink for 5-10 seconds.  Printed fabric using this method will withstand some washing but not as much as that using the Bubble Jet Set method described in the earlier post I linked to above.  And here is the back of my quilt with the label flat and then lifted to show the printing.
Label down, label up

For those of you who followed the ladies parts fiasco saga (blog post here, flickr conversation, which is very funny if you have a moment to read it, here, I am afraid the ladies parts stayed on the cutting room floor, I was going to use them for the label but they were screaming "ladies parts" at me and I wasn't sure that was the legacy I wanted for this quilt.  Bye bye Regina Phalange.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Triple framed pinwheel tutorial

With four more days to go before my Moda Bake Shop debut and giveaway, I need to distract myself with a bee block tutorial.  So I will show you how I made this triple framed pinwheel block for Amy Allie Kat Mom in this month's Fresh Modern Bee.  The finished block is 12" square or 16" square with the two rounds of sashing.
Triple framed pinwheel

1. Cut two 7" and two 4" squares of background fabric and cut each square in half diagonally.
2. Cut six 3" squares of triangle filler fabric and cut each square in half diagonally.
3. Cut several 3/4" strips of triangle border fabric as needed.  I used the equivalent of about four WOF strips.

1. Border each of the 12 filler triangles with the triangle border fabric to give 12 triangles looking like this:
2. Trim the small background triangles to the same size as the bordered triangles (very slight trimming required).  Join sets of three bordered triangles to the small background triangles in the order shown in the first three pics below.  Trim the large background triangles to the same size as the triple bordered triangles (very slight trimming required) and join the large background triangles to the triple triangles to give the block shown in the fourth pic below):
My creation
3. Join the four squares together, first in pairs and then into one block.  You now have a 12 1/2" block (12" finished).  If desired, add two rounds of 1" sashing (strips cut 1 1/2" wide) to made a 16 1/2" block (16" finished).

If I have shortcut or abbreviated these instructions too much, please leave any questions in the comments box and I will get back to you with clarification.  And, if you make this block, please credit your image back to this tutorial and show me what you have made.  As old as I am (although I did have copper highlights added into my hair yesterday and my nine year old said it took years off me), I still get excited when someone makes something I've designed.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Quiltstory's Block Party

For those of you coming here from Quiltstory, I'm Lynne, a UK quilter and before I get to the main part of this post, can I just let you know that this Sunday I have my debut quilt on Moda Bake Shop and would love you to visit me there if you have time and this will be coupled with a giveaway here on the blog so please come back Sunday if you can.

Anyway, I just read about Quiltstory's Block Party over at Sarah Pings & Needles blog and thought it would be fun to submit some blocks and, like the Blogger's Quilt Festival, have fun blog hopping to see what everyone else submitted.

Fresh Poppy Design

So you can submit three blocks and choose between three categories: modern, traditional and creative.  So here are my three blocks:


I made this block for Krista lolablueocean who asked for any kind of circle block at all and sent some wonderful, whimsical fabrics which lent themselves to a whimsical, dreamy, circle.  The challenge for me on this block was making a dream spiral for sleeping beauty to sleep inside which I achieved with a 3/4" bias strip, ironed in half, sewn on with a 3/8" seam, folded over and then hand sewn down.
Positively my very last bee block for 2010
Amber (One Shabby Chick) asked for a modern block for the quilt she was making for her uber cool musician sister in law, Hope and we were given total free rein to make pretty much anything modern at all.  The idea for this block is of course just a simple wonky nine patch with framed centres.  For some reason, I made an enormous palaver of making it, probably because I was in a rush as I was going on holiday the next day and, had I just taken a deep breath, I would have made it in half the time.  Hindsight.  Not much use once the block is made really.
Amber's Block 1
I wasn't sure which category to put this block into but put it into traditional because flying geese are a classic traditional quilter's shape and this block is just made of a couple of circles of flying geese.  Karrie Lynn of Freckled Whimsy asked us for a block made of half square triangles and I, intrigued that I had only ever seen single circles of flying geese, wanted to design and make a double circle.  Imagine my frustration when the block came out 1/4" shy of the required 16 1/2" requested by KarrieLynn - ah well, we can always add a skinny little layer of sashing to make a block grow to the requested size, albeit through gritted teeth.  
KL's HST block

Monday, 7 February 2011

I have a button!

Yes, all by myself, using one of the wonderful images Julia from little girl quilts made for me, I made a button and, in the end, it was pretty simple.  And here it is.  Regular blog readers, please read the final paragraph of this post to gain a sneaky little advantage in Sunday's giveaway.
Lily's Quilts
<div align="center"><a href="" title="Lily's Quilts"><img src="" alt="Lily's Quilts" style="border:none;" /></a></div>

1. So, to make your very own button, you first need to make yourself a 125 pixel by 125 pixel square image.  I took the image Julia had made for me, uploaded it to flickr and then resized it in picnik.

2. You then go to the grab my button code generator and fill out the required fields.

3. Now here was the bit where I kept going wrong.  Where it asks you for the image url, I did not know how to get this easily from Flickr but here's how I eventually got it.  I went to my image, clicked on "share this" and then clicked on "grab the HTML/BBCode", then clicked on "original" in the box where you are selecting which size of photo you are looking for and a text box pops up.

4. You only need to copy part of this text: just the strand of text which starts with http://farmstatic and ends with .jpg.  Copy and paste this text into the "image url" box of the button generator.

5. Click "preview" and, if you like what you see, click "Get Code" and copy the entire code that comes up.

6. You then paste that entire code either into a blog post (with the edit HTML tab selected) or into a HTML gadget on your blog and hey presto, you have a button people can grab.

Now here's the secret part of the post only my current followers will see.  If you grab my button, put it onto your sidebar and let me know before my Moda Bake Shop quilt is posted this Sunday, you will get an additional entry for the giveaway I am holding to coincide with my Moda Bake Shop debut.  So, grab the button, let me know in a comment in this post before Sunday and you will be rewarded with an additional comment on the Sunday giveaway post.  And in that comment, you just need to write "Bonus Comment" because I want to give my loyal followers a sneaky little bonus comment on Sunday's giveaway.

BTW, to grab the button, copy the code in the textbox below the button, go to your blog, go into "Design" , click on "Add a Gadget", select the gadget entitled "HTML/Javascript", paste the text you've copied into the content box of the gadget, click "save" and hey presto, the button will appear on your sidebar.

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Quilting advice needed

So I started to quilt my DQS using some pebbling and some wavy lines and it was such a horrible mess that I unpicked the whole lot which took me forever and ever and started again with some straight lines.  I've got about a third of the way across but don't know whether it still looks rubbish.  Do I unpick this and try something different or carry on then perhaps add some hand quilting in aqua, maybe lavender, maybe grey perle afterwards?
A couple more things I need to say which are (i) that my real life quilting friend and owner of the UK's leading Kona solids online fabric shop (see sidebar for a link to her shop) Mandy is having a great big SWOON giveaway so head on over to her blog to be in with a chance of winning that; and (ii) I have my first ever Moda Bake Shop project next Sunday so please tune back in for that - it may even be celebrated with a giveaway of something pretty special so make sure you're here next Sunday.  

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

A mug rug, a charm square and a self portrait

Seeing as everyone else in the whole of quiltblogland has made mug rugs, I thought it was high time I made one for myself.  Nice safe spot for the mug and a little play area for a couple of cookies or three.
I have also been whiling away my time choosing a charm square for Kendra who is hoping to adopt a baby girl later this year and is making a quilt with charm squares from 100 quilters.  You have to add a card explaining what you wish for the little girl and I made this (which was inspired by this post and the photo in this post of Aneela's daughter scooting past the kitchen window without a care in the world):
Charm square and card for Kendra
And finally here are some pics of me showing off my new cardigan which I bought in the supermarket when I was doing my weekly food shop.  You may not know this but, when you buy clothes in the supermarket, it doesn't actually count as chothes shopping but comes under the heading of food shopping.  I like to think I'm quite a trendy wendy in this cardigan but, as usual, I'm the last one to catch onto any trend at all and, as Kerry will probably guess, am wearing my cardigan over a nice pair of mum jeans.

Me in my new cardi