The Hexalong Starts Here

Brought to you by me, Lynne, of Lily's Quilts and Gayle of Gayle Brindley's Blog, the hexalong will be an easy-come, easy-go meadering summer project.  You can make the hexies we're making, or make something similar, or bring along your own hexies project that's been sitting in a drawer for a couple of years.  You can make something big or something small.  You can make it with scraps, with pre-cuts, with yardage or with a FQ stack.  You can English Paper Piece (instructions here on my blog), Freezer Paper and Point-to-Point piece (instructions on Gayle's blog) or machine piece.  Guest posters may pop in from time to time with hints, tips and advice.  Here's where I'm heading with my HAL.

Hexalong anyone?

The list of posts in this HAL will be posted right here.  I have split them into Gayle's posts on sewing these hexagons point to point using freezer paper and my posts on English Paper Piecing.

English Paper Piecing with Lynne

1.   template instructions
2.   English Paper Piecing
3.   EPP curved seams
4.   Fussy Cut Hexies
5.   In Between the Lines
6.   Hexalong without the hexagons
7.  103 Hexagons

Point-to-Point with Gayle

1.   Fabric choices and tools.
2.   Fabric choices II.
3.   Templates on freezer paper
4.   Marking fabrics
5.   Sewing the pieces together
6.   Dealing with intersections
7.   Getting organised with layout

Guest Posts

1.   Sarah Pings & Needles - QAYG hexagons
2.   Jennifer Enchanted Bobbins - no baste EPP
3.   So Sarah Sews Lemon Squeezy Hexie

Here's what to do.

1.   Go and join the Lily's Quilts Flickr group where we'll be chatting, introducing ourlseves, sharing blog links, sharing hexie progress, sharing hints and tips and probably a rude joke or two.

2.   Grab yourself a dorky little bag, box, pouch, tub, trug or tote and pop in your scissors, thread, needles, pins, templates, fabrics, scissors and anything else you need and take it with you to the park, on the train, on the beach, up the mountain or in the car.

3.   Grab the button and put it on your blog.

<div align="center"><a href="" title="Hexalong"><img src="" alt="Hexalong" style="border:none;" /></a></div>

4.   Spread the word about the HAL on your blog, tweet, facebook, google+, linked in and any other social networks you're in.  The more the merrier.

5.   Let us know how you get on as you make progress.  Make one hexie, that's progress.  Make a superking quilt, that's progress too.  We'll share all progress however big or small, over in the Lily's Quilts Group.  Here's Gayle's progress so far.

Hexalong - A Start

6.   Any problems, queries, anxieties, issues, upsets, requests for advice, post those in the Lily's Quilts Flickr group pages and you will get lots of answers and support.

Gayle and I will randomly run our posts alongside each other's.  Follow both and pick and choose your methods.  Learn both methods as both have different uses and applications.  All posts in this HAL will be linked to from this starter post and new posts will be announced both here and in the Lily's Quilts Flick group.


  1. I have a drawers hexie project that it'll be great to pull out and "hex-a-long"!

  2. Those hexies are looking gorgeous already , i might have to join in!

  3. Do you ever sleep?! Those hexagons are deliciously nice!

  4. I'm tempted, sorely tempted - got a lot of travelling coming up - might have to stock up my dorky bag and give it a go! And yes, Flying Blind is right but I am very biddable! x

  5. I have put the button on my blog. I just remembered I have the Marti Michell Hexagon template set which I might be able to use for this - yay, anything to make it easier!

  6. I've put the button on my blog and uploaded a couple of photos. Ros

  7. As much fun as your group projects may be, I'll have to pass on the hexies, I fear. They just don't do it for me. I won't be getting a hexie die either.

    Different blocks for different (darn, nothing rhymes here)........

  8. Your quilts will both be beautiful. I love the mix of hex styles - very cool. I'm in way over my head with lots of other stuff, so I'll enjoy watching you two busy hexying yourselves into a summer frenzy.

  9. Definitely joining in... my friend told me she is expecting a new baby in November, so a little baby quilt made using hexies is calling me! Thanks for the strict instructions ;-)

  10. Loving the fussy-cut flower hexies. Stupidly scared about doing these - last attempt was about 25 years ago, and didn't end well. Looking forward to having a go.

  11. is it ok if i use my accuquilt to cheat and cut?
    i have a coffee can full of hand cut hex's so i may just have to use those. i cant wait to see what everyone else comes up with.

    ps- i shared this on facebook and joined the flickr group :)

  12. Mmm, I'm being really indecisive about whether or not to join in with this. I'm not naturally a joiner, but some of the photos on your and Gayle's blogs look really good. Please pop over to my blog, read what I'm thinking and tell me what your opinion is.

  13. So, I came back from 3 weeks vacation and started to catch up with blog-reading and found this! Would love to start my first quiltalong. So we'll see :-D It's a great idea, and I always wanted to try hexagons. Thanks!!

  14. this is a great idea! I will definitely share on my blog

  15. Is it too late to join? I have started a new hexagon quilt this summer. It helps to keep me occupied while the daughters have their swimming lessons.

  16. I've found you Hexalong just after I started my first hexagon quilt. Love it!!

  17. I started my English Paper Piecing Grandmother's Flower Garden in 1982. One last row of green to go around the outside! I cut those hexagons. And lost them. Have not gotten the motivation to cut them AGAIN. BUT I inherited my Mom's padded hexagons - and there is hope of hexagon project to be finished soon!

  18. Very interesting! I have no expert, but I want have to know more and more, on your blog just interesting and useful information.

  19. Wow just discovered this qal and was wondering if you could tell me the issue of the Quilters Companion Magazine with the awesome candy quilt on the cover. Thank you

  20. I am going to join in! I am new to hexies and already obsessed. I cut 800 templates int eh last 3 days and made 200 hexagons over a weekend ( at the in-laws, seriously, there is nothing else to do up there!) I would grab a button too if I knew how to get them on my blog!


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