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Hi, I'm Sarah and I blog over at Pings And Needles.  How excited am I to be hanging out here at Lily's?  I feel a bit like the stalker who moved in - One minute I'm receiving a wonderful angel quilt, the next I'm scooping up a lucky run of giveaways ... and NOW I get to guest post?

Hark! Is that the removal van?  In here boys ... just stack the boxes in the hall .. heh  heh heh ...

Lynne asked me to post my QAYG tutorial from yesterday here - I've posted it in its entirety - it's dead simple, highly addictive, and I hope you find it useful!

Don't forget to post any pics to Lily's Quilts flickr group if you give it a whirl!


Funny really how things come full circle (or in this case, full hexie).

This weekend will be the first anniversary of my brother’s death.  Not the cheeriest opening to a tutorial, I grant you, but I mention it because that time in my life was what started me sewing again, out of necessity for focus and displacement.

For my Summer Hexalong project I wanted to maintain some form of connection to the paper piecing that I was doing exactly this time a year ago

I love hand sewing and I haven’t been doing enough of it recently.  I find it calming and rhythmic and the crafty equivalent of tea and toast on a cold winter’s day.  So far I’ve been machining my hexalogacabins, but that’s no good for a portable project, or for the vibe that I want to pursue at the moment

Back in October 2010 (I had only been sewing & blogging for about two months) I had this brilliant idea to make a double sided quilt using paper pieced 1” hexies with the batting stuffed inside … (I’d never even heard of QAYG at this stage, so I thought I’d invented it! LOL )

I ended up using all the hexies for pincushions, but the idea stayed in the back of my mind …

Ripple dissolve to now and Lily’s Quilts Summer Hexalong

I finally found the blog post that inspired me to do this in the first place - Lee at Freshly Pieced has a lovely tutorial here …  I didn’t alternate the sides on mine, I just went straight round.

So far you’ve seen these two blocks … thank you for all the lovely comments here and on flickr, btw …

click on the pics to go to my initial tute for the hexalogacabin.

I did get a few questions asking how I was going to join these little lovelies …


As Baldrick would say … I have a cunning plan.

When I saw these fab hexies by Silly Lil Doe I filed em in my brain along with all my other hexie plans …  She used a great tutorial here (I don’t have these templates, so I improvised and cut mine from template plastic …)

--- edited to add --- Penny @ Penny's Hands also has a really great QAYG method, straight onto the batting, here for hexagon coasters ....

This is my quick tute to show you how easy it is to QAYG a hexie! 

(I cut my backing fabric 1” larger than the hexie/batting.)


At last I have a properly portable project … If I sew up a whole load of hexalogacabins in advance I can just sandwich and join the little darlings at my leisure, wherever I may be …

Do let me know if you give it a go … and do come and say hello over at Pings!  I've got a little Loulouthi giveaway coming up this weekend  .. if you've seen The Enchanted Bobbin's hexies you'll see just how beautifully it works for Lynne & Gayle's paper piecing ...

Ok, I'm off back to mine now.  Thanks so much Lynne for letting me play in your space!

(imagine pic here of Eric Morecambe shuffling off set in cloth cap, coat & carrier bag)


  1. oooh deja vu! I hope you (Sarah) were allowed to stay long enough for a cup of tea, or did she make you use the tradesman's entrance!? (snigger!)

  2. Aren't you clever?!? Thanks for the tute -- and thanks too for the kind words about my little stash of Loulouthi hexies. It's growing every day, tee hee :) --Jennifer / The Enchanted Bobbin

  3. Wow, what a wonderful combination of ideas for all things hexie. Great post and I appreciate all the information!
    You make a great team.

  4. Ok....I have been keeping track of the progress on the QAL...but from a distance as I have enough on the go anyway.....and here it comes........the BUT.....but these log cabin hexies are sooooo fantastic and I could really see a whole quilt with these.......oh dear......

  5. Wow, I love this idea! Especially the little tiny ones... so cute with the border added.

  6. That is a brilliant tutotrial. Thank you so much for taking the time to share it. I'm making some coasters and matching placemats for my first hexie project...ever. I'll be using your tutorial. I had NO idea how to add the wadding before your post. After this project, I'll be making a scrappy wall hanging using your method.

  7. Thanks again Sarah......such a great post. Making the Hexalogcabins.....is highly addictive and sooooo easy.

  8. What a lovely idea and a great tutorial, so inspiring, thanks.

  9. This is a great tut. I'm getting braver and braver and almost ready to jump on board.

  10. great tutorial, Sarah! I fell in love with those hexies from silly lil doe a while back too and yours are just as fab!

  11. fantastic tutorial so simple too! Gosh another thing to add to my growing list! Thanks Lynne for the tute. Fi

  12. Great post Sarah, kinda reminds me of Japanese folded patchwork, similar method - yummy hexies.

  13. You know, it was definitely a cunning plan, Baldrick! I loved that show, so it brought a smile to me just reading that comment. Thanks!

  14. I LUV your hexie-sandwiches...great idea and they look sooo-sew cool with the leeeeetle borders.

    I'm sorry about your loss...I'm glad you found some solice in handworks that you love!


  15. This approach is mind boggling. I am so impressed with the intricate hexagons and the qayg format. Wow!

  16. The templates from the inspiration tutorial are from a little quilt store in Hot Springs, Arkansas, USA, called Hickory Hill Quilts. There are 3 sizes available and the store will ship! They really make this easy. The website for the shop is http://www.hhqsewingcenter.com. Thanks for the great idea! We have added your blog to our Facebook page.


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