June in the Siblings Together Bee

And so I'm going to kick off the Siblings Together Quilting Bee with my block.  As well as mentioning a new bee sponsor, who have very generously offered to supply the wadding for the bee quilts.

And a HUGE thank you to Sondra from Contemporary Cloth for the two fabulous backs for our first two quilts:

My month's block is made up of four morning stars finishing at 8" square each sashed together with 2" sashing and cornerstones to make a 20" square block.

1.   I am using a F8 bundle of PB&J by Basic Grey for Moda and will be sending to each of the bee members:

  • 4 large rectangles to be used with the HST sheets 
  • 4 medium rectangles for the star centres
  • 4 small rectangles for the cornerstones

2.   The sashing is all Kona snow:

  • one 7" half WOF strip to be cut in half to make two rectangles approx 7" x 11" and to be used with the HST sheets
  • one 5" WOF strip to be cut into two 2 1/2" WOF strips and then cut into four 8 1/2" lengths per strip 
  • one 2 1/2" WOF strip to be cut into strip into sixteen 2 1/2" squares

2.   For speed, I am going to suggest to the members of the bee that they use printable 2" HST sheets which I have made for the purpose.  Use the 1" test square to check that you have printed to the right scale (on my printer, I need to print at 98%).

3.   Place prints and Kona snow rights sides together and pin to the back of the HST sheets.  For each sheet, you will need one larger Kona rectangle and two print rectangles lined up so they cover the whole of the printed area of the sheets.  Sew along the dotted lines using a short stitch (1.5) to make it easier to tear the paper away at the end.  Rotary cut along the solid lines.  Peel away the paper and press seams open.  Trim corners.  This will give you four sets of 8 HSTs one for each star.

6.   Sew the HSTs into pairs and press seams open.

7.   Sew 2 1/2" Kona snow squares onto each end of two of these pairs and press seams towards the snow squares.

8.   Cut four 4 1/2" squares from the medium print rectangles.  Sew two pairs of HSTs to either side of each 4 1/2" print square (different print from the HSTs).  Press seams towards the print square.

9.   Sew the rows together to make the block and press seams open.

10.  Sew the blocks, sashing and cornerstones into four rows pressing seams towards the sashing.  Then sew the block together pressing seams away from the stars and towards the cornerstones/sashing.
Can't wait to see the blocks appearing in the Flickr group!


  1. Great - I think I can manage this!

  2. A wonderful block and a beautifully clear tutorial - I can't wait to see these blocks!

  3. Sounds clear and intrigued to be using this paper method which is new to me!

  4. Woo hoo! This is going to be one awesome quilt!!!!! Thanks for such a fab tutorial :) x

  5. I will be giving the postman scary looks until he delivers!! Big yay on the wadding sponsorship too xxx

  6. Love Kona snow!! Great tut!

  7. Like this one and I have the perfect fabric.

  8. Hi Lily, I have written my story as to why I want to be part of this on my blog. I would love to be invovled. - Suzy


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