Savanna Bop and Siblings Together

This time last week, Katy Ginger Monkey and I held giveaways of Savanna Bop for anyone who would be prepared to use the fabrics in a quilt for the Siblings Together project(more information here and here).  Before I get to the winner of these fabrics, I just want to mention that Laura Needles, Pins and Baking Tins approached Spoonflower (if you don't know about this amazing company, go and take a look, you'll lose hours browsing and may even end up designing your own fabrics...) a couple of weeks ago and they have offered to print our Siblings Together labels for us as well as donating some fabrics to be made into a quilt for Siblings Together and I just wanted to take a moment to thank them for their generosity.  And of course thank you Thomas Knauers for donating some of his latest line from Andover, Savanna Bop, to the cause.

We asked that the winner commit to using all of the fabrics or just some in the quilt for Siblings Together and I cannot wait to see these two quilts as they are being made.  And so, without further ado, Mr Random Number Generator has chosen:

Congratulations Amy and thank you so much for agreeing to make a quilt for the cause!  I will be in touch with you later today. 


  1. That's awesome and I'm excited to see the resulting quilt!

  2. Get used to it Amy - everyone will be telling you and everyone else that you win everything!

  3. i totally cracked up at hadleys comment! lol! ;) good job Amy!

  4. Yayyy - what a day!! I can't believe my luck! Like waiting for a bus... none forever then 2 at once! Thank you - I can't wait to get the fabric and make a quilt for the Siblings Together :)

  5. Amy doesn't win everything, HADLEY does! :)

    That is wonderful about the labels!


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