Quilts for Siblings Together

If you want to know more about this, the starter post is here and the Flickr group is here but the short version of the story is that, when I requested help sending quilts to Siblings Together, an organisation that brings together for day visits, weekend trips and summer (and possibly also winter) camps siblings separate by the care system, your response was overwhelmingly generous to a degree I could not have envisaged.

sew cherry jelly roll

The photos in this post are taken from the Flickr group and are just a tiny sample of the fabrics that are being donated, the blocks being made and the quilts being started, finished and mailed off.


The response has come from all over the world and people's generosity with their time and their fabrics has completely taken me by surprise.

Dark Aqua/Pink

Quilts have been mailed and received, Delma at Siblings Together is trying to organise some kind of an exhibition of all the quilts before they get given out this summer.  Here is a bundle Claire at Patch Fabrics donated for a teenage boy quilt.

Fabrics for Teenage boy quilt donated by Patch Fabrics

Individuals and shops have offered fabrics, people are quilting other people's quilt tops.  Groups are getting together to make quilts.  Just incredible.

Siblings Together Quilt front

I once read an article about making charity quilts and the writer suggested that, when making charity quilts, that was the time to get out all the fabric you didn't really like and throw together something quick and easy, as if it didn't really matter if what you were making was not that nice which made me feel a bit sad.

Moonshine - A finished Quilt

But in this group, the opposite is happening and that is what has made me so teary about it all.  People are taking their favourite WIPs, their best fabrics, and making and donating really wonderful, fresh, modern quilts. 

Pips quilt for Siblings Together

The London Modern Quilt Guild have offered to visit Siblings Together at some point and sew labels onto all the quilts.  

 wonky star quilt all finished

And finally, Sarah Ashford  wrote a poem that she thought might be read to the group before their quilts are given to them or I wondered whether we could somehow include the poem on the quilts - suggestions please on this one.

If you’re feeling lonely
And you don’t know what to do,
Wrap this quilt around you,
And love will come shining through.

You may not always be together,
But forever in your hearts
Is a love so strong, unbreakable,
It cannot come apart.

And every stitch is sewn with love,
With colours to brighten your day,
The pattern chosen carefully,
To remind you of your stay.

So take your quilt and treasure it,
Let it be your joy and pride,
Remember all the special times
With your sibling by your side.


  1. Well that's sort of given me a tingly feeling all over - you are doing something special here!

  2. Oh wow, love your poem Lynne!! Such a wonderful idea!
    It’s amazing what’s happening in the group. I’m so glad I’m able to be a little part of all that’s happening!

  3. what a lovely poem to include on the label

  4. Just a suggestion Lynne, maybe the poem could be made into a card that can be given with the quilt as a keepsake or the words could be printed as a label with space to add the makers name and the year.

  5. Again, thank you so much for bringing this fantastic charity to my (and everyone's) attention x

  6. These are beautiful quilts that have had a lot of thought put into them. Sarah's poem rather says it all! You have mobilised a talented workforce! Congrats to all. Di xo

  7. What a lovely poem to accompany the quilt on its journey. Everyone is so generous of their time, skills and even materials!! I'm part of the London Modern Quilt Guild and am happy to help in any way!

  8. I think the poem's lovely and would be perfect on a card or ownership certificate (I'm thinking like those bears you stuff a heart into) but as the age range goes up to 17 it wouldn't perhaps be so right actually ON the quilts themselves ... just a thought ...

  9. Love the poem. I've got a few nearly finished quilts, but haven't added to the Flickr group yet, I'll go and have a look at what others have loaded

  10. What a lovely poem! I agree it should be made into a card, it would be a shame for it to fade over time on a label. Our quilting community totally rocks!

  11. Yay for everyone chipping in, hopefully we can get those kids snuggled up for a giid few years

  12. You are doing an amazing thing Lynne...I like Shirley`s idea of a printed card with the poem inside.

  13. Quilters sure know how to give tangible and aesthetically pleasing hugs!

  14. What a wonderful expression of what I call "Miagia" quilts - "Make It and Give It Away". Thanks for sharing - they are all beautiful.

  15. I'm all for the card idea - kind of thinking that middle-aged quilters' ideas of cool are so not the same as teenagers'!
    Although I am not middle-aged and am definitely cool x

  16. What a wonderful and touching thing you are doing!
    I would suggest printing the poem on fabric and attaching it to the the back of quilts. Having raised a few teenagers I would guess the card would get lost in a pile of "stuff" before long.

  17. what a wonderful poem, says everything that needs to be said

  18. heart growing two sizes at the mo

  19. I agree with the people who think it would be nice to give the poem to the kids on a paper card. :)

  20. Do you still need more people to join in with this?

    I think its an amazing idea and I would love to take part. I would also really love to get to know some other UK quilting bloggers at the same time as I just sew at home and have taught myself over the last couple of years.

    I just started a blog here http://lizofdandeliondaydreams.blogspot.co.uk
    If you think I am good enough to join, then I would love to take part too.

    Kind regards

  21. How wonderful! I love the poem (it brought tears to my eyes) and think (like others) it would be fabulous on a card or certificate. And I agree with Nicky, you're doing something special here!

  22. I totally agree wth you that it is wrong to make charity quilts that use drab fabrics and boring blocks. These children already have a difficlut life, they deserve to have something nice.

  23. I also think it's wonderful that quilts are being made in "good" fabrics - I have come across the other kind before and agree it's pretty sad.

  24. You have really put together a wonderful group of very generous people. Love all the quick work they are doing to give these kids a little comfort.

  25. I agree with the idea to put the poem on a card. It is a great poem and perfect for what we are doing but might be a bit much on a quilt. Having it on the quilt would mean that anyone who saw the quilt would know they were in care/fostered or ask difficult questions. Some children/young people might not want it to be so out in the open.

  26. I can't want to get started on a special quilt for this wonderful project.

    The poem is so inspired.

    Hopefully I am no longer a no-reply blogger.


  27. I've seen that sort of comment about charity quilts too. I don't really understand that mindset. I want anything I make to be the best I can achieve regardless of the recipient. I consider the quilt I'm making for Siblings together the same as any other quilt I've made as a gift - the only difference is that I don't know the recipient. In fact I'm probably taking more care over it than I have for the ones I've made my kids because while I can always make more quilts for MY kids this is my only opportunity to make one for this kid.

    I love that you started this and I'm thrilled to be part of it.

  28. Since I both knit and sew for donations, I agree that the items made should be beautiful as well as functional. The colours and/or prints that I don't particularly like will be loved by someone else - after all,the designer put those colours and prints together for a reason. Above all, items made for giving should be well made - durable and from the best materials we can afford


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