Thursday, 28 May 2015

Fabric News

For anyone who'd like to try out Oakshott fabric, Oakshott's Sample Swatches are a great way to see all the colours in person.  Hold them at different angles and watch the colours change, shimmer and appear to move. Each little pack comes with a £5 Gift Voucher and there are now special shipping rates when you order Sample Swatch Packs ONLY - whether it's one pack or the full set.

Fat Quarter Shop currently have 20% off Northcott Fabrics with code NORTHCOTT20 including these great little boy and girl bundles.  

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  1. I adore having the Oakshott Sample Packs, and man, does that 5 pound voucher go a long way! You get one with each sample pack! And the sample packs are 5", so if you're extra careful taking out the staples that hold them together, you're getting Oakshott charm packs and money for future projects all in one shot! Woo!!!


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