Tuesday, 21 April 2015

The Sew Hot Mini Quilt Club

This week I'm excited to announce a collaboration with Sew Hot, a UK fabric shop, where you subscribe to receive the kit for a new mini quilt every month designed by me.  We've got some great fabrics lined up for you and the first month - July - features Elizabeth by Tula Pink.

It will be a fun way to get hold of new fabrics every month and at the same time making something to decorate your walls or gift to friends or family.  We've already planned the next three months' fabrics and you can find out more over at Sew Hot but Elizabeth was an easy choice for this first month as it's just an endlessly fabulous line with so many gorgeous prints in incredible palettes.

You can sign up from anywhere in the world and each month a lovely package fabrics and a pattern will be sent to you.  If you sign up, I'd love to know!


  1. Great Mini Quilt!!!
    Best regards,
    Kathrin :-)

  2. Hi Lynne, I'd love to join as this would be a great way for me to gain more quilting experience! I was just wondering, would these be something that I could sell on afterwards? I'm not sure I have enough wall space in my little house to accommodate them all! Selling isn't something I have done before, I just thought if and when I ever get to a point of making more things than I can house I may think about the possibility of selling them. I would love your advice on this. Thank you. :0)

  3. what a great idea!! Good luck with this Lynne and Sew Hot! x


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