Tuesday, 17 February 2015

My week on Instagram

This week on Instagram (@lilysquilts) has been all about new fabrics, an old quilt and Pam Kitty Garden.  Let me start with an old quilt.  I made this one two or three years ago and called it The Youtube Quilt as the shapes on the quilt remind me of the youtube logo.  My older sister has been my biggest cheerleader right from day one when the rest of my friends and family thought the whole quilting and blogging thing was slightly odd! So when she said how much she loved this quilt, it seemed only fair that she should have it.  She lives in the snowy Alps in France and sent me this beautiful photo of the quilt yesterday.

Earlier on in the week, my Pam Kitty Garden fabrics arrived.  All ready to be made into a bright fresh quilt with this lovely cheater print on the back.  

Along with the Pam Kitty Garden fabrics, Lakehouse sent me some of their new scallop border fabric which I am absolutely in love with.  A perfect way to add a quick and easy scallop border into any quilt.   I can't show you much of the quilt but this is the centre block with the scallop border.  

What I can show you though is the back of the quilt with the beautiful cheater print making a postage stamp quilt.   

And a close-up of the back showing how I join my backs when I'm pattern matching.  I press a fold in one of the pieces of backing, pin it to the other, matching the prints and then topstitch.  That way you can see all the way through the joining of the two pieces that the prints are aligning. 

And then I finished the week off with some lovely new Moda FQ bundles.  The first is Reel Time by Zen Chic and is being sent out today to eight Fat Quarterly contributors.  If you would like a chance to join in Fat Quarterly Designer Challenges in the future, keep an eye on my Instagram stream.  The Second is Feed Company by Sweetwater and will be turning into a quilt for summer days spent at the Beach Hut in New England.  

See you next week!


  1. I *love* the 'YouTube' quilt with the dark background, it's very striking.

  2. I'll look forward to seeing what you make with that Feed Company by Sweetwater FQ bundle. I love their designs

  3. Another lovely week with you! Quite envious of all that snow, though!


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