Fresh Sewing Day and Small Blog Meet

And so February is here.  The month when we celebrate 22 years since my husband proposed and my husband turning 50 - how did we get so old so quickly? On the first of every month, here at, we have a linky party to show off anything you've made or worked on (or even fabric you've bought) during the previous month.  There is a second linky party to help small blogs meet and connect with other blogs.  You'll find a few new blogs to follow and hopefully build up the network around your blog and gain some new followers too.  Today I'll share with you four photos I took yesterday.  Two of the snowy scene taken from the upstairs room in our house and two of the quilts I photographed in the snow.  The quilts are both made using upcoming lines for Makower (selling through Andover in the US) called Scandi and Alison's Flowers.

And what about you?  What have you worked on this month?  Any finishes?  Maybe a mosaic of everything you've been doing?  One favourite thing?  Link up at the bottom of this post to share what you've been working on. If you do link up, how about visiting at least four of the other blogs who link up - two above you and two below you - and stopping to leave a comment as well as visiting back anyone who visits you.  As always here's the button to grab - a brand shiny new one this month to reflect the new blog header!
Fresh Sewing Day

And link up in the second linky if you are a blog with fewer than 50 followers and would like to get to know a few more people out there in blogland. Write a post about this feature, add this button and then link up.  Next go and visit and get to know at least four other linked blogs - starting with the two above you in the linkys and the two below you. Visit those blogs, leave a comment, click to follow and visit that blog regularly over the next few weeks. Visit more if you have the time. And also visit back any new bloggers who come to visit you and get to know them and their blogs.
Small Blog Meet


  1. The snow scenes are gorgeous and so are the quilts! I imagine near you looks beautiful in snow (as long as you don't have to go too far in it and can stay home and sew)

  2. Your garden is gorgeous, but I am happy we have had very little snow. Just a sprinkling here and there.
    Fabulous quilts!!!

  3. Quilts look so pretty in the snow. I have a couple that I need to photograph if we ever get some!

  4. What pretty snow pics! Your quilts are lovely too. LOL, my dh and I are celebrating our 22 anniversary later this year too.. and.. my dh turns 50 this year also. Funny!

  5. I am really tired of snow. We are suppose to have up to 10" today. I love your zig zag quilt. Stay warm.

  6. pretty snow photos - no snow here since a light snow fall in November - maybe later this week? I am linking to a quilt that I finished yesterday (the top that is)

  7. Happy Anniversary, and old is a state of mind. I love the snowy pictures, I am guessing you don't have snow that often or for long.

  8. Happy Proposal Anniversary! (that should so be a thing!!!!) Have fun celebrating all the fun you've had and all that is yet to come :) x PS - am quite envious of the snow (Boy 2 is desperate to build a snowman and a snowdog!) but I hope it doesn't stop us making it up on holiday!!!!!

  9. Happy Happy!!!
    You're not old... He is! Lol :)
    Glad you're having lovely days :) XX!


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