Monday, 15 September 2014

Superior Titanium Topstitch Needles

For a while now I have only been using Superior Titanium topstitch needles.  I tend to continue to use the same needle or needles until I come across issues suggesting that the needle needs replacing.  That tends to be when I start to skip stitches or the thread starts to break while I'm sewing.  Because Superior's needles are titanium tipped, the point of the needle stays sharper much much longer which means I replace my needles much much less often.

Superior's own tests show that the tips of their needles stay sharper almost fives times as long as needles which are not titanium tipped.  Although these needles cost approximately twice as much as other brands of needle, they last nearly five times longer so definitely make economic sense.  Clicking on the image below will take you to the page on the Superior website which explains this in more detail.

You can order them for worldwide delivery direct from Superior Threads.  If you are a stockist or know of other stockists in your country, please leave a comment for me below so that I can update the post.  And if your local quilt shop doesn't stock them, go in and demand that they do! 


  1. I love Superior's Topstitch needles. I am in Canada, but order directly from Superior. If you find a supplier in Canada, I would love to hear about it!

    1. Cindy's Thread Works is a Canadian shop and she is an online shop. She is on Vancouver Island. Her service is excellent.

  2. I also love these needles and can attest to their longevity and strength!

  3. Thank you Lynne for recommending Superior's titanium needles and explaining why you like them. After reading more about them on Superior's website I have ordered some here in Australia (OzQuilts) and look forward to trying them.

  4. My worry with these needles is that when I have run into a problem the needles don't break they bend. I would rather have the needle break than parts of my machine. Needles are much less expensive. I have only had one experience with that kind of issue. Otherwise they perform beautifully.

  5. There is a quilt show in my area every February and Superior always has a booth. I try to buy enough of the needles to last a year! I do start a new needle before and after a new quilting project and also after Ive made something with heavier material like canvas.

  6. Hi Lynne
    I've stocked them for years. Just got around to using them myself and they are wonderful!
    Joanna @ The Crafty Quilter

  7. L too worry that they don't break. I'm afraid that they will damage my machine.

  8. I've really enjoyed using the ones that I picked up at Retreat :)


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