Sunday, 21 September 2014

A very sad post

Today I have the very sad news of announcing the upcoming closure of one of my most beloved fabric shops, Sew Fresh Fabrics.

Originally run by Peg and Becca (who now runs Sew Me A Song), Sew Fresh Fabrics were my first ever sponsor and so hold a special place in the heart of this blog and Fresh Sewing Day (a linky party which takes place on the first of every month on this blog) was named in their honour.  



  1. This IS sad. Peg & Becca helped me coordinate fabric choices many times...

  2. I was sad to get the email about this earlier. SFF was one of the first US places I shopped at when I went hunting for modern fabrics on etsy.

  3. So very sorry to hear this. I hope they are well and beginning new and exciting endeavors.

  4. I am terribly sorry to hear this. This was also one of my first fabric shops...


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