Tuesday, 1 July 2014

The Oakshott colourshott bundle blog hop day 2

Fresh Sewing Day and Small Blog Meet will follow in a couple of hours

Today is day two of the blog hop featuring Oakshott's eight new colourshott F8th bundles which will be coming soon to their website.  There is a button further down this post as well as a blog hop schedule.  

Today it is the turn of Kerry of Very Kerry Berry whose project uses the Rio bundle.

And because many words remind me of songs, the Rio bundle reminds me of this classic from yesterday which I urge you to watch because it is possibly the most entertaining dancing I have seen in A LONG TIME. 

Here is the full schedule of the blogs on the bloghop:

31 June:  Jo from My Bearpaw
1 July:     Kerry from Very Kerry Berry
3 July:     Nicky from Mrs Sew And Sow
4 July:     Helen from Archie The Wonder Dog
7  July:    Sonia from Fabric And Flowers
8 July:     Charlotte from Displacement Activity
10 July:   Trudi from Trudi-Quilting Prolifically
11 July:   Susan Claire from Gourmet Quilter

And finally a button because what's a blog hop without a button?! 

Lily's Quilts


  1. Love Kerry's cushion but not sure I want Peter Allen performing in my head every time I think of Kerry's cushion or those lovely oakshott fabrics!

  2. That still makes me laugh so much!

  3. I have no idea who Peter Allen is but that's some shirt he's wearing! (Didn't get all the way through the video, just over a minute was enough!)

  4. It is a memorable clip, one that I cannot erase…!

  5. Such pretty bundles of fabric, I am off to see what everyone is making for your hop.


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