Saturday, 26 April 2014

Quiltography app less than half price

Quiltography is a quilt design app for iPad which enables you to design and build quilt images using your own scanned in fabrics or fabric jpegs taken from fabric manufacturers' websites.  And it is one year old today!  To celebrate that, the price has been reduced by MORE THAN HALF from $14.99 to $6.99 and from £10.49 to £4.99.  Want to find out more about the app?  Watch this youtube video and you can find more tutorials and tutorial videos on the website 

Here is an example of a quilt made designed on the app - you can see how fabrics will look in your quilt design.  

It will design pixellated quilts for you taken from your images. 

Take fabrics from the bank of sample fabrics or scan in / import your own fabric images from fabric manufacturers' websites.  

Take blocks from the block library, autofill them with your fabric images and play around with different quilt and blocks layouts to design your quilts.  

Altnernatively, design your own blocks to use use in your quilt.  

Last year it reached the top of the US app store charts for the #1 paid lifestyle app.  It has had over 400 ratings / reviews with an average of 4.5 stars across the US, Canadian, Australian and UK app stores combined.


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  2. Oh the fun I could have if I had an iPad .......

  3. That looks wonderful - any chance the app comes with an ipad?!

  4. Just took advantage of the sale! I purchased EQ years ago and hardly used it because it was so complicated. It took me 20 minutes to download the app and design my first quilt with it. I will definitely enjoy using this. It doesn't have all of the features of EQ, but is so much easier to use so I think it will be more useful for me than EQ could ever be.

  5. Looks brilliant but our ipad is too old for this - someone might have to buy a new one!

  6. Lynne is this app looks great, is it specific to iPad only? Can you print your finished design?
    Can you export your design as a jpg/pdf to your laptop? Would you be able to use it to design cross stitch patterns? What is the maximum grid dimension? Oops, that's a lot of questions...

    1. iPad only I am afraid; You can print the image much like you can any image, but, the app does not product cutting and piecing instructions. You can email the image of your quilts to your laptop and the photoQuilt section does provide basic piecing instructions that can be emailed as a PDF.

      The grid dimensions are 10 x 10 for the quilts and 20 x 20 for the block designer. There is the intention to increase this for newer devices in a future version.

      I am not sure about your question about the cross stitch pattern, if you could elaborate via email I may be able to help you further.



    2. Hi Chris
      Just checked the site, the price is $8.99 as suppose to $6.99 as mentioned in Lynne's post. Why?

    3. Hi Jeannie,

      Apple have price tiers 1-999 where each tier is approx. $1(US) for which an app can be assigned. The original price tier is 15 or $14.99 (US) and is currently on offer at tier 7 or $6.99 (US).

      I can only assume the price you are looking at is in AUD or NZD. Apple convert, include relevant taxes and round accordingly in each country. The usual selling price for Quiltography is $18.99 AUD + NZD

      Hope that helps.

  7. Thank you very much for sharing this app, I've downloaded it, uploaded some fabrics and designed a quilt all within half an hour! I can see this app taking up a lot of my time! :)

  8. Okay...this is so cool, but I have an Android! Lol! I shall wait patiently for it!!!!

  9. I bought it! Now, I just need to learn to use it!


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