Friday, 21 March 2014

STOP PRESS - free Oakshott shipping

Oakshott shot cottons are offering free shipping until the end of the month with the following spends and codes:

UK - BISLEY - Minimum order value of £60 
Europe - LYON Minimum order value of €100
USA/Canada - BOSTON - Minimum order value of $200
Rest of the world - TONGA - Minimum order value of £170.

And next week, this Oakshott schoolhouse pattern will be available as a kit from Oakshott using F8 or 10" colourshott bundles so watch out for that if you've been waiting for it.


  1. Your quilt is spectacular!

  2. ...Not to mention what's in the SPECIALS section. AGHHH!!! I *so* wish I wasn't amidst a fabric-buying ban ...though to be fair, having down payment money for a house is also exciting, albeit not as beautiful as Michael's fabrics :)

  3. I am totally in love with your quilt pattern. Please tell me I can buy it somewhere. Its a quilt pattern buying emergency! :) Thank you for creating such a lovely design!

  4. HA! I actually read the post. Sorry, I was blinded by your beautiful quilt. :) I shall be patient. :)

  5. Has details on the pattern been posted yet on the Oakshott site? I've been checking all this week. Thanks


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