Tuesday, 25 March 2014

How to put a button on your blog

Do you know how to put a button on your blog?  If not, here is a quick tutorial.  Buttons usually look something like this.  The image on top if the image you want to see on your blog.  The text in the box below is what you use to get it there.  
Siblings Together

Step 1 - copy the text in the box below the image.
Step 2 - you can now paste this into either a blogpost or a HTML gadget on your blog sidebar.
Step 3 - to paste into a blogpost, you will need to click on the "HTML" or "text" tab at the top of your draft blogpost.  You can then paste the text where you want it in the post.
Step 4 - Click back on the "compose" or "visual" tab and the button should be there and should link through to its destination when clicked.
Step 5 - Alternatively if you want to place the button in your sidebar, go to "Design" at the top right of your blog.  Then click on Layout.
Step 6 - Choose "add a gadget" and select "HTML/Javascript".
Step 7 - Paste the text copied from the text box into the space provided in the button.
Step 8 - Click "save" and you should see your button in the sidebar.  Any problems, let me know!


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