Thursday, 27 February 2014

In The Navy

Camelot Fabrics are a Canadian fabric company who recently asked me to design a quilt from their new In The Navy line.  These are the fabrics I was designing with.

I wanted a clean geometric design which showed off every print and came up with these log cabins on point - as usual  this was drawn in Touchdraw for iPad. 

 Jane Davidson and I have a quilt deisgn partnership where she uses her EQ skills to turn my sketches into final EQ images.  The great thing about working with Jane is that I need to explain very little to her - being a quilter, she totally understands what I want without me having to spell the whole thing out.  And she's very patient with my endless little requests for this and that to be tweaked!

I love the look of the finished design.  The pattern will be available for download from the Camelot Fabrics website before too long.  


  1. This pattern with that beautiful line of fabrics is beautiful!

  2. Oooh, does that line have shiny bits of fabric in there? I'm getting rather fond of them :o)

  3. WOW love this
    I hope you have other inspiration lurking in the background for the next create / design request ;o)

  4. Fantastic design! I am chuckling because I just ordered a bunch of this fabric (in the us) for a different project. I love these prints. :)

  5. The solid version is calling to me love clean geometric patterns thanks for sharing.

  6. Clean design and the perfect pattern to showcase the fabrics!


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