Friday, 31 January 2014

Playful Little Paper Pieced Projects

My Fat Quarterly colleague and friend Tacha Breucher has recently brought out a new book packed full of wonderful paper pieced projects designed by many of the modern paper piecing quilters incuding Penny Layman, Ayumi Takahashi, Kerry Green, many others and also me.  

Many of the projects in the book are designed with an annual calendar in mind and that is all pulled together in one wonderful quilt as well as individual projects coming out of those designs.  

For example here is a beautiful Christmas project from Kerry of verykerryberry.  

My project in the book was a clock which is now residing in my daughter's bedroom as she thought it was a pretty cool quilt.  A combination of a lot of foundation paper piecing for those roman numerals and letters with curved pieced for the clock frame means this project is not for the faint hearted but I'm kind of please with how it came out.  

I have a few spare copies of the book if anyone would like to buy one.  £15 shipped in the UK.  £20 shipped in Europe and £25 shipped worldwide.  Email me on if you're interested.  I'm more than happy to sign them although I will only do so if you specifically request that as I always feel a right Charlie signing books and always think that people would prefer them unsigned!  


  1. See, signing them "Charlie" is probably where you are going wrong. IMHO. LOL
    Lush x

  2. I love paper piecing! It sounds right up my alley. Will have to check it out :)

  3. Such a fun idea for a book. I totally want a clock like that too lol

  4. I have to say that clock pattern alone would be worth the price of the book

  5. I think you may have the best project in the book xx


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