Monday, 30 December 2013

Abakhan Projects on a Budget

Would you like to make an Abakhan project?  Here's the idea. You head on over to Abakhan Fabrics and pick out £20 worth of anything that takes your eye. We send it to you free, you make, photograph and write a tutorial to go on my blog.

So here's what you need to do:
1. You can now be anywhere in the world to participate in this challenge!
2. Leave a comment on this post telling me what you would like to make using £20 worth of anything from Abakhan.
3. In a few days from today, I will choose a winner who will have one month to choose their booty from Abakhan, make something and write a tutorial.
4. Don't be disheartened if I do not pick your idea this month, there are always other months.
5. The item can be anything at all - clothing, quilted or non quilted items - anything crafty at all really.
6. Be as original, as traditional, as creative or as simple as you like.
7. And this month's theme is clothing - I know this is a quilting blog but I know many of you our there are accomplished and talented dressmakers and it would be lovely to tap into some of that know-how here on the blog.


  1. I would find material to make a dress (I've not sewn a dress yet)!

  2. I would love to make a little girls Easter skirt. With lots of layers and lots of tulle!!

  3. I would make a vintage dress inspired by the one worn by Keira Knightley in the film "Atonement". Abakhan even has a silky satin in the perfect shade of emerald!

  4. I love wrap around pants in the summer. I've made dozens of pairs over the years. Cool, flowy, dressy or casual. I'd like to take two linen remnant packs to make a fun patchwork pair. With flowery embroidered patch pockets! And blanket stitch edging.......

  5. I would like to make a fancy dress for my daughter for Carnival, which is in February here in Italy. A dreamy Princess like Elsa in Frozen...

  6. I have the most adorable pattern for Pinch Pleated dresses. I've made Christmas dresses from it for a lovely friends twin girls, but I think the Abakhan Pinstripe Chambray Denim would be adorable for our cold rainy winters here in Virginia. The pattern is by, Kerstin Martensson, a Kwik Sew, I can see those two little blondes in their suede boots and wool tights. :) I could even whip up a snappy gentleman's vest for big brother, he's 2-1/2. All lined of course. I enjoy sewing for those little ones, it is hitting me in good sewing shape for becoming a granny some day, sigh....Thanks.

  7. I would like a couple of yards of two different colors of Jersey to try making Chanin-like embroidered reverse applique for a vest or stole/scarf. Maybe with beads or beaded fringe.

    :) Linda

  8. I would like to make the Kwik Sew Periwinkle Princess gown XS in the Faux Silk Taffeta Pink (26) and Cream (42) for my classroom. I have never sewn with Taffeta but I would love to give it a try to end the constant bickering over who gets to be the princess and who has to be the dr/policeman/construction worker.

  9. I think their fat quarter quilting bundle in aspen multi would make a delightful dress like this one!

    But that probably wasn't what you meant by your clothing theme… ;)

  10. I have 3 little granddaughters and making dresses for them is always a treat, something special, a bit frilly but simple for anyone to make

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  12. Oooh! I love sewing clothes. I've been wanting to make a pair of maternity trousers using my trusty ol' pattern Jalie 2908, but I ran out of trousers fabric, so this is perfect. I'd love to use "7 Wale Corduroy Khaki 150cm" (2 metres) or similar along with some knit jersey in a fun contrasting color, and wide elastic (maybe 75mm) for the belly band. I've got plenty of cotton scraps for the pocket linings. You can see some of my work on my blog:

    Thanks again for the chance!

  13. I'd love to try converting the angel dress I made for my daughters nativity into a princess dress - an explosion of tule, organza and chiffon etc. I've had the idea in my head for a few weeks and having just had a look on Abakhans website they'd have everything I needed (easily under £20!)

  14. I would love to make a special dress for our Fire and Ice charity dinner. I would love to make a Downton Abbey style dress!


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