Friday, 25 October 2013

Sit and Sew with Mandy and me today

If you're anywhere in the region of Ashbourne, Derbyshire in the Peak District, why not come and sit and sew with Mandy and me every second and fourth Friday of the month - 10am til midday.  Bring along hand sewing and Mandy will be bringing Xmas project kits too if you're interested.  We'll sit, sew, chat, drink coffee, eat cake and generally put the world to rights.  Workshops coming too on Mondays from January so stay tuned.  Let us know if you're coming and email Mandy or me ( if you need more information!


  1. Oh boy, wish I could come ......
    Travelling in the other direction later today though - off across the Irish Sea for a weak with the family
    Have fun ladies ......

  2. I wish, that would be fun. Unfortunately there is the North Sea between us... so I will follow the blog and IG!

  3. There's a strong chance we might be holidaying at Darwin Forest in February half-term (because we're creatures of habit and the kids love it!) which I think would co-incide with the 2nd Friday Sit & Sew so I might be able to join you if you'd have me :) Hope you had a lovely time putting the world to rights x

  4. I wish I had done, would have been much better than my day at work :o(

  5. Let see.. It would take a ride to the airport, CA to FL, then FL over the pond to the UK, hopefully would not have lost my luggage at this point, then in a taxi and ask the driver to take me to Ashbourne. And I think the taxi ride might be more than the cost of the flight. Know that my sewing project would be in a backpack and would be a carry on. OK, so let's say I made it to the gathering, I would be happily sleeping where I sat down. Jet lag.

    Oh well good thought. One day hubby and I will make it to the UK.


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