Friday, 25 October 2013

500 Quilt Blocks now available here

I now have copies of 500 Quilt Blocks for sale.  I have comments on a previous post and will honour those first following by any comments on this post.

There are two cover options - hardback £12 shipped in UK and softback £10 shipping in UK.  Each book includes a free book plate sticker signed by both Kerry and me.  Colour selection at random.  If you are outside the UK and want to buy a copy, let me know and I will look into shipping costs.

You can also buy a sticker for a copy of 500 Quilt Blocks that you have purchased elsewhere and have it sent anywhere in the world:
  • Sent in UK £1.50
  • Sent to Europe £2.00
  • Sent World (USA, AUS etc) £2.50
Leave a comment on this post (make sure to include your email address if not linked on your profile) stating what you would like to buy and who you would like you sticker made out to.  Payment will be by Paypal.  


  1. I got mine ~ with a blue cover! I've looked at it just a little bit ~ need some quiet time to sit down and start making blocks!

  2. Oh could I order a sticker please Lynne, made out to me - I already have my copy and I absolutely LOVE it! Thanks xx

  3. Hi, I 'd like to buy a soft back one, please. Could you find out shipping cost to Japan. Thank you.

  4. i think i'd like to order 2 stickers, please... one for my book and one for my friend's Christmas present copy :D


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