Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Abakhan Projects on a Budget

Hello my name is Lisa and I blog at In The Boon Docks. When I read Lynne's post for ideas on what to make on a budget, I knew instantly what I wanted to submit. My mother had already ask me to think of a patchwork design and recover her footstool!

I ordered a canvas print pack (three 1 1/2 yards - the stores pick) and a spool of black thread. These are the three prints! Lovely huh! Pink roses, orangey pocka dots, zebra print, tie all those colors together into patchwork. I must admit I was a little scared it might not work.

Step One Measure the size of your footstool most are different sizes. I cut these strips knowing I was making 4" finished blocks. Depending on the width of the stool you may need to cut more or less strips. Cut 2 strips (4 1/2" x WOF) of each print giving you 6 total strips. Step Two Sew them together in a repetitive order. Step Three Iron seams flat (very important to reduce bulk).

Step Four Cut (4 1/2" strips) from your strip set Step Five Line up each strip one block up, one down on a cutting mat or design board.

Step Six Sew the strips together in this order to get your patchwork design. Step Seven Trim off extra blocks Step Eight Iron all the seams flat!

Step Nine Start stitching. Using a straight stitch - stitch a square in each of the blocks but the zebra ones!

The cover turned out great according to Mom! Now put it on!

Step Ten Remove legs! Most just screw right off.

Step Eleven Arrange new cover on over the old cover and pin on all sides underneath. (Canvas is thick enough to cover anything)

Handy tools Hammer, pliers, and staple gun
Step Twelve I started on the long sides first. Folding the fabric over and stapling in down right over the old one. Do this on both sides making sure your center is where you want it.

If's 1. A staple doesn't go in all the way? Using your hammer tap it gently above each pin until it is completely in the wood. 2. Staple get smashed? Using your pliers remove staple and try again.

Step Thirteen At ends fold fabric as shown in above photo and staple down. Pull up tight in the middle then trim to 2 1/2 inches and fold over twice and staple as shown in the photo below.

Step Fourteen Screw the legs back. If you have difficulty doing this step use an icepick to reopen the screw holes.

New Patchwork Footstool!

I would like to thank Lynne and Mr. Abakhan for the opportunity to bring this project to you. Create and be Unique, Lisa Please visit In The Boon Docks for the giveaway!


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