Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Book Review

Hello, My name is Mara, I live in Greece and I am visiting Lily's Quilts from Secretly Stitching blog.  Thank you Lynne of Lily's Quilts and Vivienne Wells of Vivebooks, they gave me the wonderful opportunity to review an ebook, my very first ebook and my first book review since High School.

The book "Beaded Flowers and Wedding Bouquets" written by Katie Dean, 2013, an ebook available by Rainbowdisks and maybe your local library ISBN 978-1-906314-38-5, ISBN 978-1-906314-49-1 (download) or purchased through Vivebooks.  I read the book immediately upon downloading it to my computer, the downloading took a little bit of time but was worth the wait when I opened it up and found out it was loaded with VIDEOS!
I started by putting my tiny beads onto the wire.

 I love crafting but have a hard time learning if the instructions are just written down, not only is this book well written but it has plenty of pretty colorful pictures on each page.  Katie Dean wants to teach you how to make beaded flowers and she does just that, with diagrams and then a video for each section.

The book first gives you tips on how to use an ebook, very helpful for a first timer to ebooks.  Then she shows you beautiful awe-inspiring photos of the different wedding bouquets you can make.  A list of French beading materials is the next section, then she shows you the basic Techniques to making the petals.  The next section is of Making the Flowers and then the Making of the Bouquets, each section is filled with photos, diagrams and videos.  At the end of the book is a list of suppliers for the UK, USA and Australia.

Katie Dean has been featured in several magazines, Beadworkers’ Guild Journal and Beadwork magazine just to name a few, she has also won awards for her bead designs. 

I learned how to do French beading from her wonderful soothing voice reaching out to me on the videos and was able to create this beautiful beaded flower. 

 I added it to the front of a clutch I made that is why the last 3 petals of the flower are on one side, so it can lay a little flatter against the clutch.
Burlap, Silk and Flannel Clutch with Beaded Flower
 I really really enjoyed reading Beaded Flowers and Wedding Bouquets, the book was given to me free of charge but all of the opinions above are unbiased and all mine, I loved this book.

Would I recommend this book, YES! 

You can purchase your book HERE.  
Go out and buy your copy today!
 I am already in the process of making some more flowers, this time little blue ones.

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  1. Many thanks for the lovely review Mara - and well done on your beautiful flower. I know that Katie will be thrilled to read this and see your work. Vivienne of Vivebooks.com


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