Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Sponsor News - Contemporary Cloth

Sondra at Contemporary Cloth has emailed me with various bits of news this week.  Firstly, we now has some Oakshott shot cottons in stock and I know many of you have been hoping for more US stockists.

Secondly, she has a shipping special on at the moment - 50% of shipping until Friday 10th May (midnight EST) for US and international orders.  Use the code 50ship in the comments section and you will be refunded when your order is shipped.  

And finally, Sondra has a giveaway on her blog which you can find in this post here.  You can win either this:

Or this:


  1. love those and contemporary cloth!

  2. I so wish I was not banned from my fabrics this month :-( I want large bright colorful bundle on top....I was eyeing it last night.

  3. Só queria ter dinheiro hoje....


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