Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Siblings Together No. 1

I have three posts this year for Siblings Together - one for each of three quilts.  For anyone who has missed my posts about Siblings Together, it is a charity which brings together siblings who have been separated by the care system and so are living in separate families, often at opposite ends of the country.  Knowing how close I am to my sisters and enjoying watching my four kids growing up together, this charity immediately grabbed me.  I met one of the people who helps run the summer camps and she was telling me how wonderful it is to see the kids spending quality time every summer with their siblings in a relaxed and fun environment.  Lots of other events are organised all year round but Sian and Delma were looking for people to make quilts for the kids at the camps - something to keep them warm whilst they were away from home and something to remind them of time spent with their siblings.

Quilts for Siblings Together
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And so this year, I bought a lovely stack of Nursery Versery fabrics from Annie at Village Haberdashery with the thought that I could make one, two or three quilts with the stack so that, if appropriate, three quilts from the same fabrics could be given to three siblings.

After umm-ing and agh-ing for a while trying to decide what to do with the fabrics, I spied this fabulous quilt made by Karen Blueberry Park and decided to mix the fabrics with lots of similar colours from stash and make a set of quilts inspired by Karen's quilt.

Quilt top no 1 was a bit of a disappointment as it looked to me like there was too much purple. 

So I decided to add some bold wavy triple line quilting in a bright green Aurifil 40wt to break up the purple a bit.  

And here is the Flickr group here. 

quilt, ready to be taken to the Fat Quarterly retreat in London in July and handed over to Delma from Siblings Together.  If you would like to know more, head on over to the Flickr group here.


  1. Love the quilting.
    Planning on getting mine finished today.
    Glad we can do a Retreat drop-off; thanks for organising again x

  2. Great cause. This is our current choice on our charity bee. Fiona @ poppy makes in charge and keeping us on track.

  3. I am loving quilt number 1. The quiltings great.
    It is such a great cause.

  4. Such an inspired way of breaking up the purple! It looks great. Yes, thanks for organising this - so far it's been my biggest quilt making incentive:-)

  5. Love the wavy line quilting Lynne. This is a lovely quilt - there can never be too much purple for me! Our Bee has just made a ST tripalong quilt ready for FQR and I have another one under construction that is going to be dreadfully late but I shall keep plugging away!

  6. I love the quilting, it adds so much to this lovely quilt.

  7. I love how the quilting changes this quilt - I loved it before you quilted it and I adore it now!

  8. i love the quilting on yours...looks awesome...thanks for sharing mine too x

  9. There will be some wee girl over the moon at all the wee meeces and things on this :o)

  10. I think the quilting on the purple quilt was a brilliant way to finish it.

  11. Hi, Lily. You have proved once again that it's not a quilt until it's quilted. I LUV your quilting on this piece--such a simple and elegant solution that packs a punch!
    best from Tunisia,


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