Pam Kitty Tea Cosy Tutorial

I made a tea cosy this weekend and wondered if anyone would like a tutorial and templates for their own.  I made this using Pam Kitty Love by Pam Vieira-McGinnis for Lakehouse.  It finishes at 10" x 14" but, if your teapot is much smaller, you could print all the templates on perhaps 75% rather than 100%.

You will need:

1 FQ for the triangles (or use scraps)
1 FQ for the main stripes (or use scraps)
1 FQ of the skinny stripe fabric
1 x 2 1/2" WOF strip for the binding
3" x 4" scrap for the hanging loop
3 x 11" x 15" rectangles of fabric for the back of the tea cosy and for the lining
4 x 13" x 17" rectangles wadding
2 x template A
2 x template B
2 x template C

1.   Foundation paper piece 2 of each of templates A and B.
2.   Remove papers and sew A to B taking care that segments 6 and 7 of each sit in the centre of the flag (see tea cosy photo for placement)
3.   Sash the two halves of the flag together using a strip of main stripe fabric 2" x 11".
4.   Baste the flag, the fabric for the back of the tea cosy and the fabric for the lining of the tea cosy onto the wadding rectangles.  Quilt if desired.
5.   Tape together two of template C to make a cutting template (one will be back to front) and use this to cut out the four parts of the tea cosy.
6.   Fold the hanging loop fabric in half lengthwise then fold the sides into the centre so it is double folded.  Top stitch along the edge to secure.
7.   Fold in half to make a loop and pin to the tea cosy front so that the loop points away from the seam.
8.   Sew the tea cosy front and back together, right sides together, using a 1/4" seam and a shortish stitch.  Trim seam to about 1/8".  Turn right side out and push seam out all round.
9.   Sew the two lining pieces together rights sides together, using a 1/2" seam and a shortish stitch.  Trim seam to about 1/8".
10.  Push the lining piece inside the outer piece - as far in as it will go.  Trim the bottom of the lining piece if it sticks out further than the outer piece.
11.   Sew the two together along the bottom using a long wide zigzag stitch to hold in place.
12.   Bind to finish.

And if you do make your own tea cosy, make sure you post it to the Lily's Quilts Flickr group so I can see it!


  1. Hello, it looks great! Thanks for the tutorial. I don't use teapots but I have a friend who does ...

  2. omg dying over it. So cute, can't wait to make my own!!! Thanks for the tutorial!

  3. Oh I love this. I'm absolutely not going to make one. Absolutely not - (see what I did there reverse psychology because I don't think I've finished a single thing of yours that I've wanted too!)

  4. Oh this is fabulous. Need to make one!

  5. p.s. Facebooked it and also pinned it. LOVE IT!!!!!

  6. Beautiful, but then you know i'm a fan!

  7. Oh so stinkin' cute, Lynne!!

  8. Oooh, Polly put that kettle on.

  9. Wonderful tea cosy and tutorial. If only I drank tea...

  10. I love it but you already know that x

  11. Oh so very, very cute! This has to go on the list too!

  12. Sooooooo sweet!

  13. I am lazy and stick to tea bags! But it looks superb!

  14. Love tea, love union jacks, love tea cosies. It's a must make (once I've finished the Union Jack wall hanging that is). Thank you for the tutorial.

  15. I love your tea cosy and living in the US its not something you can find easily, so this is going on my to do list. Thanks for sharing your tutorial.


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