Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Fat Quarterly Retreat London 2013

At the moment, over on the Fat Quarterly blog, we are sharing previews of the classes which we are running this year at the Fat Quarterly London Sewing Retreat which will take place over the weekend of 20/21 July.  Tickets can be bought here if you haven't already.  People are travelling from all around the world to attend and to teach.  The event was a huge success and a lot of fun last year so don't miss out.

This year we have organised the classes slightly differently so that there will be longer 3 hour classes and shorter, more informal one and a half hour table top sessions where the class is taught around a table to a group of 10-12 attendees.  These are the classes I will be teaching:

Touchdraw for iPad (one and a half hour table top session).  In this class, you will learn how to use Touchdraw (a very reasonably priced vector graphics app for iPad) to make buttons, design quilts and blocks, calculate block measurements, re-size blocks and draw up quilt block templates.  We are also hoping that the creator of the app, Jon Lipsky, will be able to attend some or all of these sessions to co-teach with me.


Precision Piecing (3 hour workshop with machines):  I often get comments on my blog or on twitter from people claiming not to be able to cut or piece as accurately as they would like so I thought it would be fun to run through the basic skills of cutting, sewing accurate seam allowances and pressing.  We will be making 4-patches, 9-patches, half square triangles, quarter square triangles and economy patches as well as piecing this all together into the 2 sample blocks.
  Precision Piecing
Keep an eye on the Fat Quarterly blog for the daily class information releases.  We are very excited about the range of teachers and classes we have lined up for you this year.  And, if you are coming to the retreat, or considering it, head on over and join the Flickr group to get in touch with all the other attendees.


  1. Have you worked out if it is physically possible for one person to attend ALL the classes? The I wouldn't have the impossible task of choosing.

  2. oh you are going to have a blast!! I am not at all envious in the slightest of course! x ;)

  3. I love the sound of your classes and can't wait to see photos of the retreat on Twitter (hint!) xx

  4. It's killing me seeing all these announcements!

  5. I wish I could come! :)

    I'd like to take the class on Touch Draw - might you be teaching that online some time? I could just poke the software around and learn on my own, but it is so much more satisfying not to have to 'reinvent the wheel'! :)


  6. I really need your precision piecing class....

  7. So the main question is, will people be able to handle the numbering this year ;o)

  8. I'm so excited about the classes I keep seeing being offered.

  9. your precision piecing class is definitley in my top 3 (that I've seen so far!)

    1. Still gutted that I timed our holiday wrong. I could really do with the Touch Draw tutorial as is taking me an age to get whizzy. Have fun


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