Saturday, 28 April 2012

And a big thank you to my big sister

Well from day one on this blog when I was just being followed by tumbleweed, my kindest, most faithful, funniest and most loyal and supportive follower has been my big sister who you will see posting comments as Rolleiflexes (because she collects old cameras, amongst an array of other second junk, I mean collectibles, that she collects).  She doesn't quilt, doesn't even sew and most of the time hasn't got a clue what I'm on about with my FMQ, WOF, FMF, OOP and WIPs.  But she has nevertheless followed my blog consistently for two years and counting.  And now's the time to say thank you.  So three quilts are shipping to her this week and she already has one of my early quilts.  The first is a quilt for her daughter.  Pomegranate pink but not girly.

It's my mahusive swoon, quilted with beautiful swirly hearts by Tracey Pereira from Quilt Me Happy.  She used a pomegranate pink variegated Aurifil so the quilting pattern shows both on the stars and on the pomegranate.  My neice loves hearts and the swirls soften the sharp points of the swoon pattern.

There aI also bound it with pomegranate - my new favourite binding being disappearing binding.  

The other quilts heading her way are the Batman Comic Book quilt for her son.

And theyoutube quilt which is the real thank you for me to her and luckily she likes it or it wouldn't be much of a thank you.

For any newer followers, the first quilt I made for her - and still one of my favourite quilts, was the Penguin Books quilt. 

Penguin Books Quilt finished

Friday, 27 April 2012

Touchdraw tutorial no. 2 - HSTs

For anyone who missed previous posts, Touchdraw is an iPad app I chanced on a few weeks ago which has enabled me to design quilts, headers, buttons, labels and more.  It is cheap, easy to use and, it seems to me, endlessly versatile.  If you are a beginner, make sure you try out the first tutorial first to get yourself started as I will assume that everything I taught you in that one has been learned for this one but please ask questions if you get stuck.  As before, before starting I will make sure I am working in inches.  And here is what we will be drawing.

1.   We are going to be working with half square triangles (HSTs) and the golden rule for Touchdraw is that you can only colour it in if it is a shape, not a series of lines so it is not enough to draw a square then add a diagonal line; we actually have to draw HSTs.  But Touchdraw have done it for us so it's pretty easy.  Go and grab one from the filing drawers in the side toolbar - filed away under "shapes" and described as a "right triangle".  Tap on the filing drawers.

2.   Tap on "Shapes" and then on the "Right Triangle" to select it.

3.   Tap anywhere on your screen to make it appear.   You can then remove its border line if you want and change the colour it is coloured in with if you want.  


4.   Then, by dragging the corner points, you can change it to any size or shape of triangle but I have enlarged mine to a 3" HST.

5.   Next select it by tapping on it, tap on the dialogue box on the bottom of the side toolbar and duplicate the shape.

6.   Select one of the triangles and rotate it 180 degrees by tapping on the adjustment menu on the top toolbar.

7.   Then tap on "Rotate 180".

8.   You will now have a square made of two HSTs.


9.   Select one and change its colour using the Fill menu in the side toolbar.

10.   Now we are going to group these two HSTs together into one object so we can duplicate it several times and move it around.  First select both shapes (by holding your finger on the side toolbar between the letters and the dialogue box and tapping on each shape until both are highlighted) and then tap on the Arrangement icon in the top toolbar which looks like two sheets of paper.

11.   Then tap on "group" and the object will become one shape which can be moved, duplicated, rotated as one item.

12.   Duplicate the square 11 times and align them all into one line by dragging them around the screen with your finger.  

13.   Go to the dialogue box at bottom of the side toolbar and tap on "Select All".  All of the squares will not be selected.  

14.   Repeat the process at steps 10 and 11 to group them all into one object.  

Duplicate three times and align.  

15.   Once again, select all, group and duplicate three more times and align to make a whole quilt of HSTs.  

16.   Now select all and tap on "ungroup" several times until it is no longer an option.  

17.   Tap outside the quilt so that everything is unselected then once again select all, go back to the arrangement icon (two sheets of paper) and select "lock".    All the dots will turn to grey and you are no longer able to move your triangles or re-size them.  

18.   Once again tap outside the quilt area so that all the triangles are unselected and now we will have fun colouring the quilt in.  With one finger press and hold the part of the toolbar between the dialogue box until it turns red, continue to hold it as you tap on all the triangles you want to colour in the first colour (I have chosen a load at random).  

19.   Pick a fill colour for them from the wheel, list or favourites in the fill icon and all those triangles you selected will change colour.  

20.   Carry on adding colours. 

21.   Once you have all the colours you want, you can think about the borders you might want to add (if any).  

22.   Next time I will show you how to add borders quickly and easily and for those of you who want to give it a go now, draw a filled rectangle so it covers the whole quilt, tap "move to back" from the arragements menu and then move and re-size to fit.  Keep adding borders until you're happy with the finished drawing.  

Let me know if you're learning along with these tutorials, it's fun for me to know and add pictures to the Lily's Quilts Flickr group so I can see what you're doing! 

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Do you like it?

Yes, I'm fishing for compliments.  All this time, I've been making quilts, there's been a tussle between modern and traditional with no clear winners.  Well today I think I've made a modern quilt.  It's not improv but it is simple, bold and, I think, modern.  And I am chuffed to bits.

I quilted it with lines 2" apart to give it the feel of those seventies black leather modular sofas and armchairs.

And though it's been pouring and pouring and pouring with rain all day yesterday and all day today, I couldn't resist hanging it over the fence for a couple of photos because I was so excited to see how it would photograph.  It's all Kaufman Kona solids taken from my Bounty of Basics boxes and I tried to make it not too rainbowy - so I chose sludgier and dustier colours, not that you can tell that from this photo which just makes it look like a big fat rainbow in this weather.

And yes, I'm blatantly fishing for compliments on this one because I feel really really proud of it and of myself for making it.  And it's called "theyoutube" - a quilt for a generation of Youtube kids like mine. 

Fat Quarterly Issue 9 is out shortly

Fat Quarterly Issue 9 is out this week.  This issue is all about kids.  When I saw that the Fat Quarter Shop had superhero fabrics, I knew straight away that I wanted to make a quilt for my nephew who is massively into Batman.  When my son was the same age, he would only answer to Batman and went everywhere dressed as Batman.  When we went on holiday to Portugal and all the other kids were running around in swimming trunks, he whiled away the hours by the pool in a head to toe Batman outfit.  And, if I'd been making quilts at the time and these fabrics had been out, I would have been obligated to make him a Batman quilt.  So I made this quilt for my nephew with the idea that it looks like a series of comic book pages.

Lynne quilt 3

If you want to make a superhero quilt for your own superhero, Fat Quarterly issue 9 is the place to find the pattern for this dead quick and simple quilt design and Fat Quarter Shop is the place to find your superhero fabric bundles.  

And I don't just mean for the boys...

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Head over to Kat's blog today to read my views on blog etiquette, blogs and privacy and to read about my recent blog etiquette faux pas!

etiquette revisited

Just a thought - Siblings Together

Delma from Siblings Together emailed me this week to say that one of the quilts shipped from abroad had incurred a customs charge of £44.  Siblings Together cannot afford to pay these charges for the quilt and we are both concerned that more charges may come along as quilts arrive in the UK.  We are hoping to be able to reclaim the charges but the position is not clear as yet.

And so I had a thought.  I wondered if anyone who could afford to might like to help Siblings Together with these charges and make a £5 donation.  Nine of us could pay for this first set of customs charges and, if Siblings Together does succeed in recovering the charges, well then it can go towards buying tents for the camps or warm fleeces for the kids.  To donate, you start at Siblings Together and click on the piggy bank on the home page which takes you to a BT (British Telecommunications) donation website.  You do not have to register and the process is as quick as buying fabric online (you see how I am trying to guilt you into doing this).

If any of you are able to help Siblings Together out with a donation, however big or small, I would love it if you would leave a comment on this post so that Delma and I know who to thank.  Delma and I have already been blown away by the overwhelming generosity of the quilting community towards this cause.

Sew Fresh Fabrics News

Sew Fresh Fabrics will be moving to a new location and will be Peg's solo enterprise.

Becca is launching a new fabric venture called Sew Me A Song focusing on Japanese and unique, quirky fabrics. Sew Me A Song will be the new venue for the Yuwa, Daiwabo, Hokkoh and Lecien fabrics that Sew Fresh has been carrying. But it will be much, much more. Becca's love for Japanese fabrics, paper piecing and small scale projects will be the driving force of this new shop. Text prints, novelties, small scale to name a few yummy offerings.  Sew Me a Song is ready and waiting for you to visit. Go on over. 

To read more on the changes, visit their blog.

As the move gets underway, Sew Fresh may experience some short shipping delays. It may take an extra day, perhaps two, to get into the hands of the Post Office at certain times over the next week or two. The "Big Move" will close the shop on Monday and Tuesday, May 7 and 8.

The Specials section is chock full of fabric yardage that they'd really appreciate not having to move. :) Need a few yards for a quilt back? Look here.

And a SHIPPING SPECIAL! Flat Rate Shipping from April 25 - 29 - No minimum! $2.50 US * $6.50 Canada * $8.50 International Refunds will be made to PayPal account upon shipment.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Blocks and blocks and blocks

A few of the latest blocks I have been making behind the scenes.  Month two in the Amitie BOM Gypsy Wife quilt was this block.  I played around with the colours q bit and actually ended up with a less interesting block than the original block we were supposed to make but I like it all the same and I adore that background orange scribbly fabric.

  Amitie BOM the gypsy wife 

In a bee I'm in called Stash Trad Bee, where we make traditional blocks from our own stashes, Elizabeth Don't Call Me Betsy asked for this radiant ring block (tutorial here).  I used a Cosmo Cricket circa 1934 green dot (the red, yellow, black and green dots from this line are close to dotty fabric perfection for me) as well as some of my trusty Etchings Wovens and a map print which Gayle sent me last summer. 

For Elizabeth Dont Call me Betsy 

The free bee I am in works along the same lines in that we make blocks from our stash but these are all improv / free pieced blocks so I have to use the other side of my brain which I'm not very good at.  Ethne Flaming Stitches asked for improv equilateral triangles which sounds like an oxymoron to me (get me, fancy words).  I used my favourite Oakshott colour (OK I have a few favourite Oakshott colours...) which is called I think midnight and is in real life a really inky blacky midnighty blue, together with some sunsetty colours. Fun block to make and I hope Ethne gets well soon as she has been unwell for a few days after a contretemps with one of her dogs. 

Oakshott improv triangle for Ethne

And this block is for Amy During Quiet Time and is just the kind of block I love making, teensy little HSTs.  Once again, Etchings features in the centre of this block and in some of the tiny HSTs and there are a few classic B+W prints in there including Annie's Farm Stand, Hope Valley, American Vintage and Circa 1934.  The background is a Natural Essex Linen from Simply Solids.

Paris block for Amy