Fat Quarterly Issue 9 is out shortly

Fat Quarterly Issue 9 is out this week.  This issue is all about kids.  When I saw that the Fat Quarter Shop had superhero fabrics, I knew straight away that I wanted to make a quilt for my nephew who is massively into Batman.  When my son was the same age, he would only answer to Batman and went everywhere dressed as Batman.  When we went on holiday to Portugal and all the other kids were running around in swimming trunks, he whiled away the hours by the pool in a head to toe Batman outfit.  And, if I'd been making quilts at the time and these fabrics had been out, I would have been obligated to make him a Batman quilt.  So I made this quilt for my nephew with the idea that it looks like a series of comic book pages.

Lynne quilt 3

If you want to make a superhero quilt for your own superhero, Fat Quarterly issue 9 is the place to find the pattern for this dead quick and simple quilt design and Fat Quarter Shop is the place to find your superhero fabric bundles.  

And I don't just mean for the boys...


  1. It’s a gorgeous quilt Lynne!

    I’m anxiously waiting for my #9 Issue!

  2. My son was a big spiderman fan - he now does rock/wall climbing at school but used to climb everything - including the door frame!

  3. I think I need a Wonder Woman quilt! ;-)
    Great pattern as always Lynne :-)

  4. Brilliant pattern, love the comic book pages blocks, so clever!

  5. Just downloaded it :o) BTW, we've all just had a good giggle in the office at the idea of Batman by the pool...

  6. I love that quilt! It has such a wonderful contemporary look to it!

  7. About time all got to see this fantastic quilt ;o)
    I'm privileged to have had a sneak peak

  8. So fab!! Another brilliant pattern Lynne!
    Why have I not seen that girl's bundle before??! Must buy it!!


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