Friday, 23 November 2012

Flickr Faves

Once more there are lots of lovely things popping up over on Flickr and here are a few of my faves from this week.

1. Museum Medallion.  A hand / machine pieced beauty from the queen of colour, Cathy Cabbage Quilts.

2. Fabulous pillow from Kerry.  An EPP pillow made for Tacha by Kerry in the latest round of the pillow talk swap.

3. T-Riot of Repetition.  Another of Linda Rotz Miller's incredible quilt tops.

4. Butterfly Star.  Krista Poppyprint pointed me in the direction of Stacey Staceystitched's flickrstream on Flickr which is full of the most incredible feats of piecing.

5. NY Beauty Pillow Swap. Lindsey LR Stitched pillow is perfection in the piecing, the mix of fabrics and the beautiful quilting.

6. PTS pillow from Amber {received}. An incredible improv pillow made by Amber One Shabby Chick in the pillow talk swap.  Improv looks so easy and yet it's very hard to make something that looks this good.

7. Hexagon #185.  Helen Archie the Wonder Dog has been making these hexagons with the most amazing patience and perserverance.  This one is for me a perfect mix of choice of print and shape.

8. Lucky Penny Football.  I know I made this so it shouldn't really be in here but it's in here because I love how that line of fabrics (Lucky Penny by Alison Glass) photographs.


  1. Oh! I hadn't seen your football yet - so fabulous. A friend's mom made one for my son when he was born and at the time I didn't appreciate the hand work at all. It was a favourite toy for sure. It's in this house somewhere, I need to find it.

  2. Oh, and if anyone is looking for Stacey's work, you'll find her on flickr at StaceyinStitches

  3. Another amazing selection Lynne - doesn't that black background make the T-Riot quilt really sing ....

  4. Oh, wow, that's my hexagon...up there with all those wonderful projects! (Now I wish I'd pressed it before the photo!) I don't know what to say except a big thank you!!

  5. They all could have been my favourites!

  6. Such lively patterns can enliven, i guess, any design model, even one with the minimalism. Now I want a paair of such pillows on my sofa to make the living room brighter.

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  7. Fab choices - love Helen's hexy!

  8. I think Amber's pillow is my second favourite - the first is obviously Shrek's stress ball ;-)

  9. Helens Hexagons are seriously amazing. They are all like your own little babies... too hard to pick a favourite.


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