Thursday, 1 November 2012

Flickr Faves

I love looking back over the Flickr week that was and picking my favourite photos on Flickr.  

1. Fabulous Gift.  I am just in love with this pillow which Quilt Jane sent me this week as a random and unexpected gift.

2. Full shot of my #quiltmarket remade cover quilt, in the @modalissa booth @stashbooks :).  I have been a fan of Natalia from Piece and Quilt right from my very first days of quilting.  The first quilt I made was a Moda Bake Shop project of hers and now she has a quilting book out.  This beautiful quilt is one of the quilts featured in the book.

3. DSCF9348.  This quilt made by Nadine of This Creative Bliss caught my eye with its striking use of solids and simplicity as well as being a stunning photo which always helps.

4. Lone Starburst block.  Curly Boy is an American man living in the UK and married to one of my best quilting friends, the uber talented Brioni Flossy Blossy.  He recently took up quilting and has done so with no fear whatsoever and bringing a new and interesting eye to old favourites as he has done by reversing the colour placement on this lone starburst block.

5. Oakshot Lipari Pillow.  My current favourite Oakshotts are the newly re-released Liparis which are 16 colours shot with black, giving a set of deep rich jewel colours.  Laura Needles, Pins and Baking Tins has used them to perfection in this pillow, mixing them with low value fabrics to let the deep colours shine out.

6. Aqua n orange done! Now lets move on to the next color combo #4x5.  This block made by Amy Newbold came from a tutorial here on Joanna Shape Moth's blog.

 7. Field Study Triangles.  Quilt Perfection made by Jolene of Blue Elephant Stitches.  Wish I'd made this quilt.

8. Picnic Blanket Quilt Top.  This quilt was designed by the very talented Amy Friend of During Quiet Time for Basic Grey for their new PB&J line debuting at Quilt Market.  I love the mix of traditional and modern in this.

What about you, what have been your Flickr favourites this week?


  1. There area some real beauties here - though your cushion is probably in the #1 slot ;o)

  2. Great choices! Love the Lipari Oakshott cushion!!

  3. #6 is my free block pattern 'Snow Cristal' which I made last year :)
    You can find the pattern here:

  4. Thanks for including my pillow Mrs G xxx

  5. Oh nice, thanks for including my table runner. Always great to be featured on your blog, really helps with exposure. Thanks, Lynne.

  6. Thanks for faving my block Lynne! It's for the Pillow Talk Swap and I'll be finishing off the front over the weekend. Get ready to fav again! ;-)

  7. I've been on a finishing spree lately ~ it's really been nice to want to sew and then have the time.
    Put together 5 tops that have been waiting patiently to be sewn up and
    finished my dil's quilt ~ it's one from a new magazine ~ Generation Q, first edition ~ You + Me by Heather Jones. First quilt I've ever taken to a professional quilter. It turned out wonderful! I've got about 4 more quilt tops to put together and then lots of quilting (by me) and finishing up a sweater long promised for my dil.

  8. Thank you s much for sharing all of this today. They are all amazing.

  9. They're all wonderful! I added this to my favourites this week (after Nicky@MrsSewandSow sent me a link) - isn't it marvellous?!

  10. I really love Jolene's Field Study quilt, too. It hit me over the head with unexpectedness. I can tell you that of any color in the world, I wouldn't have put pinks to be background on that FS line. And look how awesome it is.

  11. I especially like your #2 favorite. Here's my #1 favorite so far this week---> Also, I like this block almost as much --->


  12. I am loving all the totes in their new homes in the Mouthy Stitches swap - I daren't say anything else!


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