Friday, 19 October 2012

Friday Flickr Faves

Every Friday Jeni B In Color Order picks her favourite photos on Flickr and I thought I'd do the same as there seemed to be so many lovely things appearing there this morning.  Underneath the mosaic, there are links to each photo in the mosaic as well as a little bit about each photo.

This week's favourites on Flickr

1. taking shape.  This is the start of Tacha Breucher's pillow talk swap.  I very rarely see a photo of something she's making that doesn't stop me in my tracks.

2. KJ and Lauli Pops, as bitterly jeaous as I was that I wasn't at Sewing Summit with Katy Ginger Monkey and Laura Needles, Pins and Baking Tins, it was still fun to see the photos streaming through on everyone's Instagram feeds of them having a whale of a time and, frankly, making British quilters look like the cool kids. 
3. Sneak Peek at What I've been up to..., Amy Badskirt is another quilter who always comes up with something completely new and always uses colour, print and shape in a way we haven't seen before and we then all copy slavishly.
4. Color Hex Quilt, because I love the back of Jeni In Color Order's Color Hex Quilt as much as I love the front. 
5.Modern Grandma's Flower Garden Back, Kati from the Blue Chair has taken the traditional Grandmother's Flower Garden and made something very modern and fresh with it. 
6. Modern Grandma's Flower Garden 1, this is the back of the same quilt.  Kati always makes the most beautiful backs to her quilts, putting lazy lummoxes like me to shame. 
7. Medallion Quilt Top, I love modern medallion quilt tops and, if you click through to the full sized photo of this on Flickr, you will see how beautifully designed it is by Sarah Duck Egg Threads.  I love its balance and simplicity.

8. pts9 {all finished}, svetlana from s.o.t.a.k. handmade is another quilter whose work always catches my eye.

9. The Guardians, this was an experimental mini quilt made by my friend Sheila 77 who not only has a lovely eye for design, but also provides me with lots of advice and suggestions when I get stuck.

10. Lynne's (lily'squilts) lozenge pattern, Mandy Mandalin uploaded this picture of a version of my lozenge pattern made by a friend of hers using Kaffe Fassett prints.  I confess it is always a thrill when someone makes something from one of my patterns or tutorials and I love seeing all these beautiful fabrics shown off in this design.

11. courthouse steps, Mary Molly Flanders is another quilter who has the most incredible skill with print, shape and colour.

12. point me taped for squaring up, this is a quilt top just finished and quilted by Lynn The Little Red Hen and again it is worth clicking through to the original photos of this quilt (i) to see the texture created by her quilting; and (ii) to see the beauty and simplicity of her design.  One of my all time favourite quilts ever.

13. LIberty Hexagon Mandala, I love this new take on hexagons by Cathy Cabbage Quilts who is always a huge inspiration to me.

14. Tesselations II quilt, Nicolette Dutchcomfort has taken a very traditional looking pattern from the Feathering The Nest and given it a really modern look with her fabric choices.

15.Dresden plate pillow, a beautiful embroidered dresden pillow by Jo Bearpaw.

And what about you, what has caught your eye this week?


  1. Interesting selection Lynne - I might try something like this mosaic myself, but from a different angle ;o)

  2. Lovely selection Lynne and thanks so much for adding my Tesselations piece!
    What caught my eye this week? That there’s such an amazing amount of talent in some flickr groups!

  3. Absolutely scrumptious! Love what you found this week!

  4. They are wonderful! "Decco Shimmer" at is the gorgeous quilt I'm drooling over this week!

  5. Wow, I am honored to be part of this collection!

  6. Amazing selection - Nicolette's was one of the first blogs I followed and she always always inspires me. Her work is just amazing.

  7. You total sweetie, putting my dresden plate pillow in there with all those works of art! Great selections from amazing artists, I also adore everything Cathy Underhill makes. Lovely photo of Katy and Laura too.

  8. What a great idea, I love your FFF mosaic!! This bag has been catching my eye for a while now, I think it's flirting with me

  9. Lovely selection missus, even with those dodgy old birds sneaking in there!

  10. I love this "Flowering Snowball" design by Cut to Pieces at this link ---> Also, Nilya2011's "Deco Shimmer", which combines low volume with brights, caught my eye. See it here---> Did you see "Fall Trees" on Petit Design Co.'s photostream here ---> ? It reminds me of your "Rainbow Tree" design.

  11. Beautiful selection, thank you for the eye candy! And you're right, the Brits were definitely the cool kids at Summit; they shone even through jetlag and nonstop attention from paper piecing groupies!

  12. Wonderful selection! I really love the back of jeni's quilt and the back of Kati's quilt...amazing!
    Thanks for the inspiration...Sondra xxx

  13. WOW!!!
    Lynne, thank you so much for including me in your Friday Flickr Faves, what an honour
    Sarah x

  14. I love posts like this because I always fall in love with something I haven't seen before. I found about 4 this time!

  15. Thanks so much for including mine! This is a great group of projects!


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