Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Union Jack Quilt Blocks Galore

Union Jack Quilt Blocks are appearing in my Flickr group.  For those of you who missed the Union Jack Quilt a long, the free union jack quilt pattern and instructions for these blocks and the quilt start at this post here.

sept2012-4 072

When I host a QAL or post a block template of some kind of tutorial, it gives me so much pleasure to see pictures appearing in my Flickr group of the quilts and blocks being made by other people.

sept2012-5 034

Here is a sample of those from the recently finished Jack Attack series of posts.

Jack Attack 2/3 done

To find out who made any of these blocks and flags, click onto the picture which will take you through to the Flickr photo.

Jack Attack Flag 2

We don't as yet have any finished quilts or quilt tops I don't think but I am hoping to see some pretty soon.

Jack Attack Flag 1

As always, I'd love to know if you've had a go at making anything from my tutorials, QALs or templates or have any plans to do so some time soon.


  1. There's an amazing range of UJ's appearing - it's lovely seeing the various fabrics people use and how it changes the look of each UJ

  2. What great work with all of these Union Jacks!! I didn't get to do this with you....thank you so much for leaving the pattern for the rest of us...I can't wait to get started.

  3. They are lovely. I am still on flag 3 but will put them on Flickr once I have them all made. Di x

  4. Gonna work on the sashing tonight~was shocked to see my blocks in your post! Somehow I had missed this post. Loving the Jacks! :) So glad I joined. xo


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