Jack Attack IV - Sashing

So this is the fourth and final instalment of the Jack Attack quiltalong.  We are going to sash the A and B blocks, assemble into flags and then sash the whole thing into a quilt top.  Again, please feel free to go at your own pace.  The starter post for this quilt a long can be found here and that links to all the subsequent posts.  My Jack Attack is now finished.

Rock n Romance Jack Attack done!

Sashing the A and B blocks

1.   For each flag, cut three 1" WOF strips of white fabric and join end to end.  

NB: when I design quilts, I aim for fabric requirements to be in FQs, half yards, yards etc.  If you have bought 2 1/2 yds of sashing fabric, you will need to cut these WOF strips at 1" to finish at 1/2" around the edges of the A and B blocks.  Since I had spare yardage, I cut mine at 1 1/2" to finish at 1" which is why mine will look slightly wider than yours.  Either of these options works fine. 

2.   Lay out the A and B block for one flag on a table / floor making sure you have them all orientated in the right direction (see diagram below).  

3.   You will add the 1" white sashing to two sides of each A and each B block - the sides that sit on the inside of the flag, as you can see in the picture above.  Press and trim.

Assembling the flag

1.   Cut two 4 1/2" wide WOF strips of the pink fabric (yours may not be pink but it is pink in my diagrams).  Sew them end to end to make one long strip.

2.   Sash the top of one B block and the bottom of the other (see diagram above to see how the A and B blocks go together.  Press and trim.

3.   Join each of those pieces to the corresponding A blocks, press and trim.

4.   Sew the remaining length of pink fabric to one side of the flag, press and trim.

5.   Sew the other side of the flag to the pink strip to finish the flag.

Final sashing

1.   Cut ten 3 1/2" WOF strips of the remaining sashing fabric and sew end to end to make one long strip.

2.   Sew strips to the top of each flag and to the bottom of the flag that will sit at the bottom of your quilt.  Press and trim.  Sew the three flags together and press.

3.   Add sashing strips to the two sides of the quilt top, press and trim.

4.   Quilt as desired and bind.

And voila, you have your Jack Attack quilt.  As always, please let me know if you are getting stuck with anything, seams aren't lining up or the instructions are not quite clear.  Please continue to upload pictures of fabric choices, A and B blocks, finished flags, finished quilt tops and finished quilts to my Flickr group.  And of course don't feel rushed - just take your time with making this quilt and don't feel the need to keep up with the posts as they're scheduled!


  1. This is such a striking quilt. I am going to bookmark this tutorial for the day that I have time to do this quilt! Love it x

  2. I love your quilt and the more I look at it the more I notice your clever use of fabric - you're a marvel!
    P.S. Great tutorial!

  3. i agree helen, really clever cutting. love it

  4. ooooooooh (said like the aliens in Toy Story)

  5. This quilt is really satisfying to make (once I got my alignments sorted). Di x

  6. Love it. I think it's about time I show some loyalty to the country that's hosted me for the last 11 years. Time to make a Jack quilt methinks. Thanks for the instructions, I'll need them.

  7. What a fabulous quilt. Am hoping to do one after Christmas (got to finish my studying first!)

  8. Great Jacks! It's amazing how many fabric lines work with this pattern.

  9. Lynne, It is just fabulous, I still haven't found the time to start mine, but it is getting closer to the top of the list every day.

  10. I love your pretty quilt Lynne! I've ordered new fabric because I botched mine :( It should be here Monday and I will start over. :)

  11. It is a lovely trilogy! Mine will be a single one, soon I'll post a pic on Flickr.
    The Union Jack is so unique that, whatever the fabrics you choose, you recognize it immediatly!
    Thanks for this quiltalong,
    Katell, France


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