Saturday, 16 June 2012

Abakhan Projects on a Budget - the olympics

In this economic climate, we are all thinking about what we can and cannot afford to make, what fabrics we can and cannot buy, what notions etc.  Well how about coming up with some ideas for projects on a budget?
Lilys Quilts
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Here's the idea.  You head on over to Abakhan Fabrics and pick out £20 worth of anything that takes your eye.  We send it to you free, you make, photograph and write a tutorial to go on my blog.  And of course there's a button.  I do love a button.

So here's what you need to do:

1.   You need to be in the UK (although we may be expanding this feature beyond the UK in time).
2.   Leave a comment on this post telling me what you would like to make using £20 worth of anything from Abakhan.  eg. I would like to make a velodrome tea cosy or I would like to make a quilted gold medal.
3.   In three days from today, we will choose a winner who will have one month to choose their booty from Abakhan, make something and write a tutorial.  So for this first item, we will be hoping to schedule a post by end July (sooner if you're ready sooner!).
4.   Will and I are planning on this being a monthly feature so don't be disheartened if we do not pick your idea this month, there are always other months.
6.   The item can be anything at all - clothing, quilted or non quilted items - anything crafty at all really.
7.   Be as original, as traditional, as creative or as simple as you like.
8.   And can you guess this month's theme?  It's the Olympics of course!  Just one word of caution though, the main olympic symbols, such as the five interlocking rings, are copyrighted so you cannot have a tutorial making something with those symbols clearly drawn out on them.  But any projects using perhaps the Olympic ring colours or celebrating summer in London or celebrating any of the sporting events or even the spirit of the events would be wonderful.


  1. I think bunting in gingham in the five Olympic colours would look fab :-)

  2. [a little OT] can I just say I'm looking forward to see all the tutorials!

  3. I would make a (copyright-free!) abstract flag x

  4. A stadium cushion for comfort watching the events!

  5. I'm wishing I lived in the UK right about now!

  6. A picnic blanket with a big and simple sailing boat block in the middle, for taking to Weymouth and sitting on to watching the sailing while consuming a giant picnic. Or, alternatively, for sitting on in the living room watching the olympics on TV, which is what we'll actually be doing.

  7. I'll make a girls dress with appliqué runners racing around the hem. Gb in front obviously!

  8. I'd make a tote bag, with rings around the bag, in the colours of the olympic rings. You could also make one with different events symbolised on the bags - such as a running track across the bag, with some felt runners, or a high jumper/pole vaulter, or a gymnast (using ribbon for the rhythmic gymnasts) or use blue fabric for the bag, and turn it into a swimming pool, with swimmers - You could make these to order, for fans of different sports. It allows for some poetic lisence to the people who follow the tutorial.

    I'd love a Tae Kwon-Do one, big enough to home all of my Tae Kwon-Do kit! This is probably the one I'd make for the tutorial! (I have so many ideas for this bag, now...please pick me! Haha!)

  9. My eldest daughter and I are really excited about going to see the synchronised swimming but my youngest is disappointed that she isn't coming too. So I would make her a 'busy book' with some of the Olympic sports and finger puppets so she can act out her own Olympic event!

  10. @Amy - that is a fab and wonderful idea!!

    *runs off to make one for her 2.5 y/o boy... :D


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