Sunday, 8 April 2012

Get Creative - new element added to the Aurifil competition

I love how you set people a simple mosaic-making task and people start improvising and doing it their their own way.  And for that reason, we are adding a third prize in this contest.  A third 12 spool set for the most creative / beautiful / inspiring entry to this contest.  Same deadline, 18 April, same Flickr group and a third judge (as yet to be decided).  To get you going, here are some ideas.  First and foremost is this piece of unbridled genius which I am totally in love with. Or should that be "with which I am totally in love"?  Oh cursed pedantic grammar.

Into The Mystic

Adding in fabric mosaics.

Siren's Call

An inspiration photo. 

aix market

Mixing it in with a Fat Quarter Shop mosaic. 

Sweet Divinity inspired 40wt Aurifil Designer Collection

A fabric collection. 

Aurifil Challenge - What I Fancy 

Setting the spools so the colour really shines. 

Tranquility Bay

Or the same but on their sides. 

autumn kites

Showing us whole spools. 

Farmers Market 2

Dancing polaroids. 

Dreaming in Neutral 

Synchronised Swimming Spools. 

Aurifil 50
Mixing it with the Northern Lights.

Aurora Borealis

 Mixing it with an inspiration picture.

Arles and Aurifil

And mixing it with some pins. 


And finally an Aurifil Viewmaster. 



  1. Wow - you have some seriously creative readers with amazing color sense!

  2. ah you know I need to do another crazy one...just so I said I did it. lol

    That view master one is awesome! Clever people...

  3. I guess I will be doing another one, I'll try to be original.

  4. "Unbridled genius?" You really know how to make a girl feel special! :) Thanks, Lynne. Seriously, your lovely comments have made my day. Do you think it shows the threads well enough? I didn't know if I was going a little overboard...

  5. Oh lord, back to the drawing board!

  6. Now that viewfinder one is just showing off - what a totally brilliant idea! I wish I was more creative with these things but I do love to admire other people's awesomeness

  7. The viewfinder has out done the competition!! What genius! Thanks for my inclusion BTW!

  8. Why can't I think of these things?

  9. And now my laptop decides to take a sulk and not work properly ..... %$*&^)@>
    I'll just have to see what I can do over lunchtime
    Unfortunately it won't be up to the stylish standards shown here

  10. Oh for heaven's sake. Overachievers make me itchy. And jealous.


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