Friday, 6 April 2012

Aurifil Competition Some techie help

There have been a few requests for help in making the mosaics to enter the Aurifil competition (more details in this initial blogpost here.  and so here I am with some help.  This is a step by step guide to making a mosaic.

let the good times roll

1.   I have now uploaded all the pictures of the Aurifil threads to this photoset.  Step one is to go there and pick 12 faves.  You pick a fave by clicking on the little star above the photo and it will turn pink.

easter eggs

2.   Go to big huge labs mosaic maker and choose the size of your mosaic - since you need 12 spools, you can choose 4 columns and 3 rows or any other combination giving you 12 photos.

Sew Preppy

3.   Next you need to choose how you will select your photos.  Click "Individually".

aurifil: storm sky and sunshine 

4.   Click on the first photo and you will be given an option to choose photos from "Flickr".  Click on that and then click on "Favourites".

Linen Apron Auriful Thread set by Poppyprint 

5.   You can then click on the 12 spools you have chosen adding each one to the mosaic.

I Got Me The Blues

6.   Once that is done, click "create" and you will be shown your mosaic.  Click on share and select "Flickr" and your mosaic will be dropped into your Flickr photostream.  

Colour me purple, beautiful!

7.   You can then add it to the Flickr group by going to that group, clicking on "add photos" and clicking on your mosaic.

Haute couture

Let me know if any of you still have difficulties making a mosaic! And, if it's any consolation, I have no idea how this final one is made.  And if you want to know how made each of the mosaics in this post, just click through on the photo to find it in Flickr. 

Aurifil 50


  1. you are such a clever girl sis

  2. You never stop to amaze me! I sure will make another mosaic!

  3. Well that's taken out all the hassle. Thanks Lynne

  4. I'm getting closer to doing one, honest
    My yummy new batik fabrics (plus scraps) and lots of solids, curved ruler and improv quilt design...

  5. Ooh that sounds much easier... ta missus x

  6. Thank you for putting them in a Flickr group! You are awesome. Now I can do it. I was having big mosaic nightmares.

  7. Thank you for this fabulous diversion :) they are all gorgeous colors

  8. I like your style m'lady. That is ultra helpful...

    I'd downloaded them onto my puter and made my own mosaic a while ago but it looked weird so I didn't post it ... Now I can use these to do it again. Thank you!

  9. yay, thanks for this, I started doing it the slow way earlier this week and didn;t finish as it was taking too long!

  10. I am SO glad I waited to do this until you almost did it all for me Lynne! Thank you.

  11. Hey! One of those images is mine! I'm so excited! :) Needless to say, I'm a dork.

    Thanks for the helpful instructions - I used your original post to get me through my first two. I might have to do some more with your new instructions.

  12. Ok, who's the overachiever trying to sway the judges with their techy prowess by arranging their spools into a cog? Geez, Nigel.


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