Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Giving Something Back III

For more information on quilts being given to Siblings Together, a charity dedicated to bringing together siblings split apart by the UK care system, go to the previous two posts on this blog which contain the original plea for help as well as mailing details.  And the Flickr group is here.  There has been some chat in the Flickr group about putting labels on quilts and Laura has designed this beautifully simple label which we can all print out and sew to the backs of quilts.  One the right hand side is a little extra space so the kids can perhaps get their siblings to write a little message for them to take home with them and keep near to them.  Thank you Laura and thank you those of you who suggested the white label for siblings to write on.
Quilt label for Siblings together


  1. Such a great cause Lynne! I agree, as quilters we are naturally giving, and it's so rewarding to find a true purpose to focus on. My best wishes to your group.

  2. That Laura is very clever...I`m time traveling here and off to Read Part 2 now.

  3. I'm a complete novice - do you use printable fabric or transfer paper for your printed labels?

  4. You certainly started a ball rolling here Lynne! Well done Laura and Lynne!


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