Giving Something Back II

Sherbet Pips for Siblings Together 

Thank you all for the overwhelmingly generous response to yesterday's post about Siblings Together, an initiative dedicated towards promoting positive contact between siblings separated by care.  I have put in this post photos taken from the Flickr Group of some of the quilts which will be sent to Siblings Together to be given to the children attending the camps as a reminder of a special time spent with their siblings.  Let your cursor hover over each photo to see who is generously finishing and donating these beautiful quilts.  Click through and you will find the Flickr group where more beautiful quilts are appearing.  

Jelly Filled quilt top

Delma from Siblings Together has given us an address, telephone, email and camp start dates:

Siblings Together
320 Southwark Park Road
London SE16 2HA

Tel: 02072316925
Mob: 07899892745

Hopscotch quilt top 

 And from Delma:
"There is no specific deadline for sending quilt to us but the summer camps are running from 29th July until end early September. Kids come from all over the UK, they are often placed hundreds of miles apart. The very rarely get a holiday together if ever. We run these each year so the more the merrier for us and we are trying to run more through the winter time.


 I love all of your responders!  I will take photos of each quilt and put them on our facebook group before they dissapear into siblingdom! I want to exhibit these I have been trying to make an exhibition at the foundling museum in London perhaps they will consider quilts for the siblings as a basis for a an exhibition along with photographs. I will let you know and I wish I could reply to all your generous readers individually but please send them my warmest thanks on behalf of the children.  Keep going with this there are plenty more children out there. Delma"

  Rainbow Quilt

And finally a HUGE thank you from me for your overwhelmingly generous response to Delma's amazing work.  


  1. Siblings Together Charity28 March 2012 at 12:52

    Wow!!!! how absolutely incredible you all are. I know exactly how important these quilts are going to be for the brothers & sisters at camp... long long after they have spent their summer together!.

  2. Hi I'm Cheryl, I've got no quilts ready yet but am hoping this is something we could be involved in. I had an idea which you may have thought of already which is to put a white label on the back of each quilt and provide some permanent markers so that siblings could sign each others quilts and each child would then take home a tangible reminder of their sibling as well as the camp.

  3. I think the signature label would be a really good idea too ... I was imagining a whole colour-it-in quilt as I went to sleep last night!

    Lynee, you've had a fantastic response because
    (a) you are a jolly good egg
    (b) this is such a very heartwarmingly worthwhile project.


  4. oh I seem to have called you Lynee ... sorry Lynne ... not some cute nickname just sausage fingers

  5. I am so excited for this! I can't wait to get mine done and sent!!

  6. This label is great, especially the idea of siblings signing each other's quilts. What wonderful quilts! This proves that one person can make a difference.

  7. A beautiful initiative Lynne - well done to you, everyone who is helping and to Siblings Together for the amazing work they do.


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