Monday, 12 December 2011

Fat Quarterly Newsletter

Do you get the Fat Quarterly newsletter?  It comes out four times a year and contains more news and stories in addition to those in the E-zine.  It's free to subscribers and non-subcribers of the E-zine.  The latest one is coming out shortly so sign up here if you're interested in having a read - there is lots of news in there about the recent Fall Quilt Market.


  1. Thanks for this info-- just signed up for the FQ newsletter!

  2. I just finished reading mine. It's got so much info in 8 pages! Now I want some of each of the fabrics talked about therein. (fancy word, huh?)

    Most particularly, I want more organics.

  3. Well since my parents have got me a retreat ticket for my birthday, I'm hoping my gran will get me a subscription :o)

  4. Oops hadn't spotted the newsletter, but I am linked to the blog ;o)
    please forgive me

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