Saturday, 13 August 2011

Festival of Quilts Day 2

My mate Nicky from Mrs Sew and Sew has just done a great blogpost for me with pics from the Festival of Quilts.  Thank you so much Nicky!  Click here to see the full post

My real life mate Mandy from Simply Solids and her DH looking loved up as always. 

A guy from Aurifil who we think might be called Stefano looking like he isn't that crazy about having his picture taken.

And Katy from Fat Quarterly looking impossibly glamorous as always with the amazing Fat Quarterly quilt made by Brioni hanging behind her.  

Thank you so much Nicky, I love the pics you took!


  1. Greetings from the Amish community of Lebanon county. Have a great weekend folks. Richard from Amish Stories.

  2. Thanks Lynne for putting that 10% voucher on your blog... I used it today at the FoQ to buy material to use as binding on Autumn Waterfall.
    Also met Trudi from Quilting Prolifically!!


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