Monday, 22 August 2011

Dead Simple Quilt Palette advice needed

Erin at Missy Mac Creations is jumping into the Dead Simple Quiltalong but needs palette advice so would you mind popping over there and letting her know what you think if you have a minute.

Click on her palette options to head over to her blog to let her know what you think.  She's a smaller blog so any new followers would no doubt be more than welcome over there too!


  1. Just back from holiday and need to check back through your posts to see what's going on - but this looks interesting ;0)

  2. I like the bottom with the top teal....I told her so.

    That was fun!! Now I'm headed back to design seed!!

  3. Hahaha, I'm with Erin in my picking palette stage. But I think I keep going too far and get sidetracked by "playing." I think I've gone too dark. Any advice is greatly appreciated!! Feel free to stop by: Thanks!!!

  4. the potential colour combinations are mind boggling!, i have it narrowed to about 4 or 5 faves. i am just in love with design seed!.so inspiring.
    i am a novice quilter, but i can't wait to start.


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