Saturday, 14 May 2011

Rainbow tree

I still love the new one-click feature on Flickr where you can blog a pic in one click, it's so slick, what a great trick. And here's a little rainbow tree, no it wasn't made for me, it was made for someone else and I can't think of anything that rhymes with else. DOH.

I made the block with a new pioneering technique which I made up all by myself (although usually when I say that, the more experience quilters sigh in exasperation because, in quilting, there is no such thing as a new idea and this is probably an old idea called Mcwhipperting or something).  Anyway, if you would like a tutorial on how to achieve this effect of little pieces nearly touching but not quite, let me know and I just might DO DAT TING.  What shall I call the technique?  Ooh I know - my maiden name was McLaren (and I used to add "like the racing cars" because I thought it made me sound cool and glamorous) so maybe I will call it McLarening.  So, if anyone would like a tutorial on this revolutionary pioneering technique called McLarening, let me know and make your comment sound like Dr Seuss if you can, like a man, in a van holding a pan.  You can probably do better than that.

P.S. The tree was inspired by this block made by Rachel Stitched in Color which in turn was inspired by this pincushion which was made by Corey Little Miss Shabby who, for my money, is one of the most talented people out there right now.  I hope she reads this and likes me more.


  1. That is beautiful! Love the swirl of colour!

  2. This is SO pretty! I'm loving these swirls!

  3. What a cool tree! And so great that you would show us for free!

  4. Details on the trees, if you please!

  5. Your little tree is very sweet,
    a tute would be a special treat,
    please show us how you made it so,
    I really, really would like to know!

  6. Let us all play
    At McLarening today
    So write a tute
    That would suit
    Even the simplist...

    ... okay I lost the plot here and couldn't think of what else to say. Dr Suess has no competition from me. Please to a tute though.

  7. With a wam
    and a bam
    and a thank you maam
    give us a tute for your fabby McLaren!

    (It's Saturday, still quite early, and I am under the influence of cleaning products).

  8. It is a very nice tree

  9. It looks like raw edge applique. If it's not, I'm very interested. Your tree is much prettier than the one that inspired it.

  10. lovely

    That rhymes doesn't it!

  11. Would you, could you show us how?
    I'd like to make a block right now
    We'll post to Flickr with such ease
    A tute that's cute pretty please.

  12. Oh for the love of God, seriously woman, when do you sleep? Incredible. x

  13. I actually just snorted protein shake out of my nose reading this post and the comments. That will teach me to read your blog and drink at the same time!! have I told you lately how much I (heart) you!

  14. A tute for this tree
    would be ideal for me
    not just cos its free
    but cos its luvverly

  15. that is a great tree, I love it!

  16. Rootin', Tootin' that you make us a tut!

    lol, Best I can do! Dr. Seuss is the king!!
    Love your little tree!

  17. Oh Lynne--you crack me up! And you already know that I'm a big Lynne-fan! =)

  18. oh my darling lily
    how can you be so silly
    of course we want your tut
    our fabric sits ready to cut
    to make this glorious tree
    oh how we do love thee !!

  19. Thing 1,
    there's a rake for goodness' sake
    stuck in your tree
    Were you trying to dislodge the sofa
    you thought I didn't see?

    Yes I'd like a cool tutorial
    And I'll try to finish before my memorial!

  20. Love it! Yes, please do a tutorial!

  21. This is beautiful. I would love a tutorial!

  22. One stitch, two stitch
    Red stitch, blue stitch

    McLarening will take you far,
    For this tutorial, you won't need a car!

  23. That's an awesome block! I would love a tutorial. That I promise not to hock.

  24. Fantastic tree, would love a tutorial!

  25. My! Your tree is really amazing!

  26. And I would make in in a house
    And I would make it with a mouse

    Ps. Did you use bias tape to make the tree trunk or is that a print?

  27. For this tree
    I would say whee!!!
    Love it
    You don't have to plug it
    I'm sure your tute
    would be a hoot!!!

  28. yes please
    teach me to make with ease
    that beautiful tree
    that speaks to me

  29. I would love a how-to
    From Ms. Lily Lou Who.

  30. Your tree is amazing - would love to see a tutorial please!

  31. I want to make this right now, so a definite yes to the tutorial!

  32. Wow!!! Tut, please...tomorrow maybe? ;-)

  33. It's amazing to see, how a fabric made tree, can be such a blessing to you and to me.

    A colorful tree, as you can see,
    would be lots of fun, and learning is free.

    Tut please????

  34. Great block....still chuckling over the post.

  35. one tute
    two tute
    tree tute
    cute tute

    Yes please for a tute!

  36. if u were to make a tutorial
    i would put a little bird
    maybe an oriole
    in the tree
    for me

  37. Add me to the list of those who want to McLaren.

  38. Love this tree
    Love this post
    Love your tuts
    that you host.

    I agree.
    A tut for this tree
    Really should
    come live with me


  39. Rhyming is tough so I was searching for help
    I'd love to learn to create this block to make into a quilt
    but I now give up and want to cry
    my search gave me a virus so Norton said bye-bye
    I'm off now to scan
    and be sure the virus is locked up in a can.

    BEAUTIFUL Tree! It is VERY cool. I would love to see a tutorial.

  40. I'm raring to learn McLarening. Love it!

  41. "If you never did you should. These things are fun and fun is good." -Dr Seuss

    What would be fun would be a McLarening tut! You didn't really think I'd make up my own Seuss, now did you!

  42. I'd love a McLarening tutorial!
    I would love it for time immemorial.
    Your quilts are rad
    Don't stop or I'll be sad.

  43. I would love a tute on how to do it....I wanna be just like you when I grow up! LOL

  44. Hey Lynne - it's called tile quilt:
    Love your tree.

  45. I'd love to make a rainbow tree
    a little tree just for me

    It'd be a great way to use up scraps
    maybe I'd make two perhaps. :)

  46. We came, we saw,
    We all went awwww!
    Now what we all need
    Is a tute, yes indeed.

    Leslie S. in MN
    esclante at comcast dot net

  47. I want to learn! SO FREAKING COOL!!!

  48. I would like to learn McLarening, I would like to learn this thing.
    It sounds like such a cool technique, Perhaps I'll do it in shades of pink.
    Share your thoughts I do implore and I shall forever you adore. (Ok, it's a stretch but hey, I tried.)

  49. OK, not a rhyme-y kinda gal,
    but would love to McLaren! show us how?

  50. As I have never said before
    To make this tree I would adore
    I'll hold my breath whilst I await
    Dear Lily/lynne a tute to make.

    sorry Dr Suess.

  51. sorry, no Dr Suess from me I'm afraid, but thanks for making me laugh :)
    And a tutorial would be great, the tree looks so cool.

  52. Oh My Gosh! LUUUUVVVVVV it!

  53. I love this. I think it would be a fabulous mini-quilt just as it. It's awesome. And clearly I can't rhyme to save my life :)

  54. I love the swirl
    You made it curl
    My Great Aunt's name was even Pearl.

    The rainbow bits, you had to trace?
    The fabric trunk is really ace
    Your production? well, it's rapid-pace!

    Methinks I see mosaic tile
    but your own spin will make me smile
    'cuz you're an original with comic style

    So lay it on us Lily-Lynne,
    people dig this tree with spin
    your tutes are always sure to win.

  55. A tutorial, yes please
    I do love spiral treees
    though they make me sneeze

  56. I would love to learn how to McLaren!!

  57. The more that lily sew,
    The more things we will know.
    The more that you tut,
    The more we'll grow!

    so yes to the tree tut please!!!
    it's absolutely beautiful and so creative!

  58. I cannot rhyme
    there's no time
    quilts to sew
    tricks to know
    a lesson please
    you're such a tease!


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