Saturday, 29 May 2010

Stashing in the USA again

Rae Ann very kindly invited me back to Stash Manicure for another bite at the cherry.  I'm over there today so please pop over the say hi if you have a minute.  If you haven't visited Rae Ann's blog before, take a look around when you're there.  She has different guest bloggers every day giving you tips and suggestions on things to do with your stash or help on storing and organising your stash.  Rae Ann also has a giveaway going on right now for followers which is worth signing up for!

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  1. Hey Lynne, I just read your post and am I allowed to disagree with one tiny thing...we too have a long history of quilting in the UK. Take for example the quilting exhibition that is on at the V&A. They have examples of quilts on show from the 17th century and the craft goes back further than that. The rest of the post was fab and loved your stash manicure project. Karen xx


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