Monday, 17 May 2010


Courtney from Seamstar commented on a post of mine about where we UK quilters buy our fabric and I thought it might be worth putting her comment into a post in case anyone missed it.  And because it's nice to have something pretty in a post, here is My Minds Eye - Summer Song - Trees in White available in Seamstar:

Anyway, Courtney said (and I think she has a point)...

seriously though (and yes i'm biased) there are hidden advantages of buying in the UK as opposed to the US:
In the short term -
If you don't like the fabric or there is a problem with the purchase, if you've bought it in the UK you can send it back easily and you can get a no quibble refund. Of course there is also the speed of delivery - no more waiting for lovely fabrics to arrive, you can buy today and sew tomorrow!

In the longer term -
As has already been mentioned, it is a case of 'support your local shops or they close down' - even though in this case the 'local' is all national UK fabric shops.

On the point of getting the best fabrics supplied to the UK - there are certainly a growing number of UK fabric shops which is great. The more UK fabric shops, the greater the demand which means more distributors which in turn means better systems and ultimately better prices.

Personally I can not wait to see the day when the UK has its own shops like Hawthorn Threads or Fabricworm where every fabric of every new collection is there for sale. It is possible, and maybe only a few years away - but it won't happen unless UK fabric shops are supported so they can grow :)


  1. Here here Courtney! That's what I say! You know pretty much all the fabric we covet from the states will eventually be available in the UK and by letting the likes of Courtney know our hearts desires you can pretty much guarantee getting what you want. Eventually!

  2. Maybe you could open an online shop? :-)

  3. That is wonderful fabric!! I'm really surprised that there aren't more UK fabric suppliers. I second the idea of you having an online shop AND you never know, that could turn into a brick and mortar shop like Fabricworm did.

    Jennifer :)

  4. I ordered some fabric from seamstar after seeing lynne's earlier post and I have to say they are wonderful! The fabric came straight away and was beautifully packaged in pretty tissue paper and tied up with lovely pink ribbon. I would highly recommend them. X

  5. Aaarrggghhhh i lost my post and it was quite a long one!

    To cut a long story short....i'll look at Seamstar as i like to support 'local and i'l a sucker for pretty packages!!


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