Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Fresh Modern fabric shops in New York

My parents are off to New York soon (BA strike and volcanic ash permitting) and have offered to see whether they can pick up any fabrics for me. Can anyone recommend a shop with fresh modern fabrics that's central (I don't want them to have to go trailing to the back of beyond when it's their holiday)? It's just that fabrics are so expensive over here that it seems mad to miss the opportunity to build a little stash when I've had so much encouragement from everyone to get started on that! Thank you.


  1. Hmmm, not sure. I usually buy my fabric online because the kind of fabric I like seems to be hard to find in my local stores and I am in Houston. Im sure New York has some though.

    Let me know if I can help you out any since I live here.

  2. I am very jealous of your folks!

    I think Purl Soho is the shop you are looking for...
    The only down side is that Broome Street does look pretty far south, so will mean a metro journey.

  3. I have just realised that the shop isnt that far from Ground Zero, so if your parents plan to go there and pay respects then it wont be such a hike.

  4. Great quilts shops in NYC: I've been to both
    www.purlbee.com (they have an online shop too)

    It looks far south, but most things are pretty accessible in Manhattan. Soho and the village is a nice area to visit especially when the weather is nice, lots of cool little shops and eateries.

  5. Thanks AKM and CC - I've just had a look at purlsoho and it looks FABULOUS.

  6. And thanks Jessica too, I'll go and check them out too and tell them about the cool little shops and eateries - they would like that!

  7. Go to Bumble Beans Inc. and ask Victoria a NY resident.

  8. PURL SOHO (459 Broome Street (between greene and mercer)is fun to see. Many solids, Japanese prints, liberties and tons of yarn!
    City Quilter (133 West 25th Street between 6&th aves)has your more "Designer and regular Line fabrics and everything else...
    BUT, If you are in my hood, Stop by B&J fabrics... they h ave tons, but in 90"(?) lengths not 45... and liberties, and really just about ANYTHING fabulous. 525 7th ave (38th And 7th Ave, take elevator to the second floor)
    Also, MOOD, from project runway fame, is just around the corner from me too. 225 W 37th St, elevator to 3rd Floor... Fun stuff to see!!!

  9. Sounds like your parents will have your stash built up in no time!
    If they come to New Zealand, I can recommend some lovely stores.

    p.s you might have to buy those plastic bins and shelves after all!

  10. Oh yeah! NYC shopping:

    PurlSoho and City Quilter - I can personally recommend both. Lots of good yarn too!

    Cannot wait to return to NYC later in the year!!


  11. I am so excited to see this post and am going to bookmark it as my Mum and sister have just persuaded me to go to New York in November. I was thinking about it for ages and my sister finally said "just think of the shopping". Now I think she meant clothes but I instantly thought fabric! Please post what they bring you back - I can't wait to see it all.

  12. I will do S&T! My main problem is writing the note to my mum that sets out the sort of things I want her to buy - it's running to about four pages so I need to rip it up and start again and make it simpler!


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