Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Fresh Modern Bee 2

When I wanted to start a fresh modern bee, the whole thing filled up in just over a day and there have been a few commenters since then who said that they were interested in joining so I said I'd post again to let you all know how many we're up to. It certainly looks like we'll manage to get enough for FMB2 so I've created a Flickr group to get us started.

Here's what you need to do:

1. Those of you who got in line for FMB1 in my comments head on over to the Flickr group and apply to join. They are - Danielle, Lil, Make, do & Mend, Justine, Tammy Gilley, Crafty Chops, Susan, Doris, Pioneer Valley, Amy and the Bad Cats, Scissors & Thread, Jessica and Lisa. Once we're on the Flickr group, we can share information about ourselves and blog addresses.

2. Email me on the address you can find through my profile with your name, address and any month you cannot do. Let me know if there is anyone who wants to kick off as soon as June. If not, we'll start in July.

3. The rules for the group can be found in this post so have a read of that too. To add to those rules, (i) we'll skip December because it's just too busy; and (ii) each month a new thread will be started by the person sending out fabrics where all the discussion about that month's blocks can take place, including when fabric is sent and received, how to make the blocks and when blocks are sent and received.

4. Add the FMB2 button to your blog if you're techno savvy enough to do that. Sadly you have to create a button yourself using the picture gadget and then creating your own link to the Flickr page as I don't know how to write the code for a button!


  1. I am so excited about my first bee, am off to look at Flickr now and will drop you an email with my details.

  2. Wow I'm so excited though a little scared as I'm so new to quilting! I've requested to join over on Flickr and will drop you an email too. Thanks very much for sorting a 2nd Bee, though I feel you'll wish you hadn't said I could join as I forsee lots of requests for help and advice from little old me!! Justine xx

  3. If there is still room, I would love to join a bee. I haven't really done this yet and would love to do it.


  4. And I'm a bit worried as you seem to have a ladybird, an elephant, a button and a dog following you...

  5. Hiya - any chance I could join too? I'm fairly new to quilting but desperate to learn and make some new friends along the way. I love the idea of fresh modern. My blog is Fingers crossed you have some space left! And if so then I can start to panic.....I nearly commented yesterday then got cold feet but have decided to be brave and go for it. Thanks, Juliex


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