Thursday, 22 April 2010

Eve's quilt now also finished

Eve's quilt is finished and here it is hanging on the washing line. I did finish it over the weekend but we have guests staying at the moment and I feel silly pegging it out on the line and taking photos of it. I think they might think I'm a bit odd.

This is the lovely IKEA fleecy backing which makes the whole thing very soft and cosy. Eve is at school so I don't yet have a photo of her standing next to it proudly or sitting on it on a garden bench but will resolve that tonight and post tomorrow (or whenever my guests are next not looking).
And here is the quilt having a little rest from all its modelling work and relaxing on the fence. Can you see my shadow in the picture? Look how I hold up my little finger. That shows I'm posh.
I have noticed that it is de rigueur for quilt blogs to have photos of our quilts in different places, doing different things; relaxing in the park, climbing a tree etc so that is something I think I need to start getting into. For starters, here is Eve's quilt warming up on the Aga after a tough photo shoot in the garden, having a little lie down on the sofa to recuperate, having a quick game of Mario Quilt Brothers on the PS3 and then playing on the skateboard in the sitting room which is actually not allowed in our house.


  1. Ha! You're so funny. I always feel a little funny when I take my quilts outside for a photo--I think I'll take photos of them reading books and making dinner from now on!

  2. Such a busy quilt!!! I love it, love it!

  3. hehe, you've made my day again :) This is so funny. I especially love the quilt "warming up on the Aga after a tough photo shoot" and the quilt is lovely, too.
    I've been sick (some kind of a nasty cold) this whole week and mainly in bed, only occasionally checking for new blog posts, but this evening it suddenly came to me that I don't know the older posts in your blog. So I've started from the beginning and have already been laughing quite a lot. (And admiring your quilts, too).

  4. Had the same thought as Tusen, having just only discovered quilters blogland I thought I'd do some retrospective surfing of my favourites and found this oh so entertaining entry. Funny isn't it only 3 comments back then, my how you've grown!!
    Bet those (model) quilts wont get out of bed for less than $10,000 these days!


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