Friday, 30 April 2010

Another block for "Not Quite Dear Jane" and my blogaversary

I fussed and fiddled and swore for ages this morning making this block. I tried out Flying Geese (NEVER AGAIN) at the suggestion of those crazy folks at Fat Quarterly who want to torture us with fiddly, difficult, fiddly things. Or maybe I'm just not good enough at piecing yet. They probably threw their Flying Geese quilts together in an afternoon. So be it. It looks cute now and will go into my Not Quite Dear Jane quilt (see post below for more explanation of where I'm daring to go with this one) and has gone onto FQ's Flickr page sitting next to someone else's really beautiful and competent Flying Geese block making mine look like something the children drew.
And tomorrow it's my happy one month blogaversary. Sorry my sponsors didn't come through with all the layer cakes and fat quarter bundles and yards of fabulous fabric you normally get on these occasions. Maybe next year. You may note that my one month blogaversary falls on 1 May which means I accidentally made my annual blogaversary on 1 April. More fool me.


  1. well, if you're going to try some amazingly complicated variation on a flying goose block, more fool you ;)
    That is amazing. Is it inset? You have to tell me because I'm not going to sleep tonight until you do.

  2. Well, I'm not kidding when I say this. I have been a quilter and quilt teacher since the 70's and I have NEVER seen this block. I think you might have done a unique quilt block! That's really saying something! Seriously, you need to do some patterns and make some money off your talent! Amazing!

    Cheery wave from

  3. My sister is a unique blocker. Whatever next, but I'm dead proud.


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