Save The Date for the first Thread House retreat

Save the date for the first Thread House retreat from Friday afternoon on the 27th January 2017 through to Sunday lunchtime on the 29th.  Organised by Karen Lewis, Jo Avery and me, this boutique event will be held at Folly Farm, an award winning, eco-friendly conference venue near Bristol.  With an emphasis on creativity, intimacy and seclusion the event will offer a range of workshops in sewing and screen printing, full board and lodging, and a fun and friendly ‘summer camp’ vibe in the middle of winter.  Tickets launch in June. Sign up to our newsletter for more information and to be the first to hear when ticket booking is announced! Questions? Try our FAQs page or email us on


  1. My brother is getting married here in September! I may just take my sewing machine and hide in a wardrobe til January!

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  4. It's official - you girls never sleep!!

  5. Good luck with this new enterprise, Ladies. I'm sure it will be fun all round!


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